Western Grasslands Ant Hill is one of the ten marker missions given out by the friendly BURG.L robot. You must complete those if you desire to get your hands on some extra in-game currency, and progress in the survival story of the game.

Unfortunately, the BURG.L robot doesn’t often like to give out too much information regarding the exact location of the named marker beyond a couple of often completely useless and confusing hints and pointers.

Not to worry. If you have ran a marathon and have covered every corner of the Ant Hill area without any luck in finding the marker, we are here to help out. In today’s blog, we will show you everything you need in order to complete it successfully.

Western Grasslands Ant Hill Marker Location

Western Grasslands Ant Hill Marker Location

The Western Grasslands Ant Hill marker is located in the northwest of the garden, in close proximity to the Mysterious Machine and the ant hill, which you may have already explored when you were hunting for loot from ants.

For the exact location of the marker, please refer to the image above. Once you get there, look out for a short log that is laying upwards on a small pile of dirt, and you will find the marker on the top of the stick.

How to Complete Western Grasslands Ant Hill Quest

Once you get in close proximity to the marker, interact with it to complete it. However, before you jump and get to the location, make sure that you are carrying 2x Sprig, 2x Plant Fiber, and 1x Clover Leaf as those are the resources required in order to complete the quest.

In case you don’t currently have any or some of the ingredients above or are unsure of where to get them from, read below as we will show you exactly where to find them and how to get them.

Sprig: This resource can be obtained from a small green plant that grows out of the ground in green grass areas. It is relatively small and can be picked up without the need for any tools.

Plant Fiber: This ingredient is about the size of your character, and just like Sprig, you can find it pretty much everywhere in the garden. You don’t require to have any sort of tools with you to collect it.

Clover Leaf: To get this resource, you must chop down a Clover plant with an axe. This plant can be found all over the backyard but is most common in green grass areas, and near the center of the map.

What Do You Get Out of the Western Grasslands Ant Hill Quest

Like any of the other 9 exploration outposts, upon the successful completion of the Western Grasslands Ant Hill quest, you will receive 100 Raw Science. If you don’t already know, it can be used as an in-game currency for a range of different things during your playthrough.

For example, you can use your available Raw Science to purchase recipes from the BURG.L robot. The recipes will allow you to unlock more advanced recipes such as those that will allow you to build floors and stairs, which require 1000 Raw Science to unlock.

When you get to 1000 Raw Science and unlock the floors and stairs, you can finally get on top of the house and see experience it for yourself.

Furthermore, you can explore the area during your quest near the outpost and take a moment to appreciate the views as well as the bugs that reside in the area.