The marker at Toad Swamp in Grounded is one of the quests provided by BURG.L which will help you advance further into the survival aspect of the game. Unfortunately to say, the friendly robot isn’t so great with providing players with detailed information as to where the quest is, but rather, it gives out pointers.

If you have been struggling with the Toad Swamp marker, in this article, we will give you a hand and let you know everything that you need to know in order to complete this mission successfully.

Toad Swamp Marker Location

Toad Swamp Marker Location

The Toad Swamp marker is located in the southeast part of the garden, ironically, near the big swamp that is infested with the annoying gnat bugs so do make sure you learn how to heal before you enter that area.

It is in quite a remote location and isn’t anywhere near any major locations that you would probably already know, so, if you feel confused and can’t seem to find the swamp, use the image above as a reference.

Once you are at the right place, look out for a big frog sitting on solid ground that is surrounded by water. Get in close proximity to it and look at the toad from the front. There, on its fist, you will see the marker location that you need to complete.

How to Complete Toad Swamp Quest

Once you are near the large toad and have located the marker, get close to it and interact with it. This will allow you to complete it. But, only if you have the correct resources with you, which are 2x Sprig, 2x Plant Fiber, and 1x Clover Leaf.

If you don’t have them already or are unsure of where to get them from, read below as we will show you their exact location, and how to quickly obtain them so that you can complete the mission and get back to your daily Grounded activities.

Sprig: Sprig is a small green plan that grows predominantly in areas of high volumes of grass. You don’t need an axe to collect it.

Plant Fiber: Just like Sprig, Plant Fiber can be collected without the use of any equipment. It can be found growing out of the ground in-between grass around the entirety of the yard.

Clover Leaf: To get this fundamental ingredient, you must find a Clover and chop it down with an axe. They can be found in green grass areas, just like Sprig and Plant Fiber.

What Do You Get Out of the Toad Swamp Quest

First and foremost, by completing the mission by BURG.L, you will be rewarded with some Raw Science, which can be used to unlock advanced recipes. Some of those include stairs and walls, which can be beneficial if you decide to build a large, multi-floor base on the lake or on the ground.

Secondly, you get one step closer to completing all of the 10 exploration outpost quests set by the friendly robot, opening up more time for you to focus on different, and more advanced missions as updates by Obsidian get rolled out.