If you have had the chance to play Grounded for a while, you would know that there are a couple of explorer missions that you will be able to complete. For example, just a few days ago, we covered the Great Oak Beacon which helped out the community a whole lot.

In today’s article, we will explore the marker at Bird Bath Bluff in Grounded, which is another explorer mission that you can discover to receive some rewards which we will cover in more detail further down in the article. Unfortunately, this is really all of the information you will get with the quest itself, leaving you pretty much empty-handed and wondering if you don’t know where to look for the marker location.

Therefore, continue reading and we will show you the location of Bird Bath Bluff, how to complete it, as well as the benefits of exploring this particular site on the map.

Bird Bath Bluff Explorer Location

Bird Bath Bluff Map Location

The Bird Bath Bluff is located near the house, next to the hedges along the eastern edge of the map. The name is actually quite misleading, and although there is a bird bath nearby, that is not what you are looking for. Rather, you should keep an eye out for a field research tent that is similar to the one at the beginning of your survival journey.

If that doesn’t help, then please look at the image beneath the heading for the exact location of the Bird Bath Bluff marker on the map.

Note: Like the rest, this explorer location is also pretty high above the ground, making it quite a dangerous place. So, be careful of not falling down and having to heal yourself. You should also try and avoid fighting any bugs while climbing as that will just make the whole job much more difficult for you.

How to Complete Bird Bath Bluff Quest

How to Complete Bird Bath Bluff Quest

Once you reach the exact location, walk up to the hammer icon and the transparent sign pinned to the floor and interact with it. Before you can do that though, make sure that you bring 2x Sprig, 2x Plant Fiber, and 1x Clover Leaf.

If you don’t have those items with you, you will not be able to complete the mission. If you wonder how to get each one, you can get Sprig on the ground in green grass areas, while Plant Fiber can be sourced from pretty much everywhere on the map. Look out for a tiny green plant or just chop down grass and loot it. Then, get some Clover Leaf which can be found from the top of a clover.

What Do You Get Out of the Bird Bath Bluff Quest

By completing the Bird Bath Bluff quest, you will be rewarded with Raw Science which if you don’t already know acts as the in-game currency. It can be used for a range of things like unlocking crafting recipes, which will then allow you to craft axes, workbenches, and other more complicated items.

Therefore, be sure to complete the daily bounties set by the friendly BURG.L robot if you desire to get more raw science.

Besides Raw Science, you will discover and familiarize yourself further with the surrounding area, all of the bugs in Grounded that reside there, and more.

Furthermore, beyond getting the vital Raw Science, you will get the chance to uncover some new territory within the garden, opening up a whole new level of opportunities and bugs that reside in the area.