The Fallen Oak Branch is one of the last markers that you can complete in Grounded. Given out by the friendly robot BURG.L, upon accepting the quest, it will not tell you much about how to complete the mission successfully.

So, in this article, we will show you everything you need to bring to finish the quest, its location, as well as the rewards that you will receive from it.

Fallen Oak Branch Marker Location

Fallen Oak Branch Marker Location

The Fallen Oak Branch marker is located quite centrally on the map, south of the Mysterious Machine. If you open up the map, look out for a branch, and head to the root of it. If you are unsure or still can’t find it, use the image above to find out exactly where you need to go.

Once you are at the root of the branch, try and climb up it. It can be quite a tricky process that could take a few attempts but will definitely be worth it in the end. Once you are on the branch itself, head down towards the very end of the branch and climb on the stick that is pointing upwards to the right. Once you are on it, you must once again go to the right. There, you will find the marker.

Note: Be careful though as you will be very high above the ground when you are trying to reach for this marker. A fall can get you killed very easily. In this case, it would be worth your time to craft a parachute, which you can use to descend safely to the ground if you accidentally fall or just decide to take the easy way down.

How to Complete Fallen Oak Branch Quest

Before you climb all the way to the very top of the branch, make sure that you have 2x Sprig, 2x Plant Fiber, and 1x Clover Leaf. Those will be the essential ingredients required for completing this quest.

If you don’t already have them or are unsure of how to get them, below you can find more detailed information on the matter.

Sprig: You can find sprig pretty much all over the map, especially in areas that are full of grass. It is a very small, character-sized plant that doesn’t require any equipment to be obtained. You can simply pick it up with your hands.

Plant Fiber: This resource is very similar to Sprig. You don’t need any tools to obtain it, and it can too be found pretty much all over the yard. It is the same size as your character.

Clover Leaf: The Clover plant is slightly larger than the two. It usually has 2-3 clover leaves on top of it and requires you to have an axe to chop it down. It’s quite common and can be found in green grass areas.

What Do You Get Out of the Fallen Oak Branch Quest

By successfully reaching and completing the Fallen Oak Branch marker, you will receive some Raw Science. This can be used for unlocking more advanced recipes for tools, equipment, builds, and more. With those, you can build bigger bases, kill more bugs, and overall, have a better experience playing Grounded.