In Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll come across hundreds if not thousands of different items ranging from simple ingredients for delicious meals to valuable stones and gems, and animal-specific drops such as the Horned Lizard Bone.

They all have their uses in one way or another, but the Horned Lizard Bone, in particular, is of huge interest to every Horizon Forbidden West player.

And as you may have already discovered, they can be hard to find. In fact, just about any given item can be hard to find if you’re looking at the wrong place.

So, in this guide, I will show you where to find Horned Lizard Bone, which animal drops it, and go into a little bit more detail in regards to what exactly is it used for and why it is so sought-after.

Which Animal Drops Horned Lizard Bones?

As the name of the bone suggests, Horned Lizard Bones can be found in the loot of Horned Lizards. They are tiny lizards that can be pretty tough to find, chase, and kill.

So, make sure to walk calmly and with your bow out otherwise, you’ll have a pretty difficult time taking these little sneaky reptiles out.

What Can Horned Lizard Bones Be Used For?

In Horizon Forbidden West, there are many uses of the Horned Lizard Bones. However, they are part of the ingredients required for crafting pouch upgrades, which will boost Aloy’s storage capacity.

There are many benefits to having increased pouch size, including the fact that you can collect and keep hold of a whole lot more items at once so you will find yourself going to the merchant to sell items a whole lot less often.

Where to Find Horned Lizards in Horizon Forbidden West

As we are talking about the infamous Horned Lizard, this particular reptile can only be found in desert biomes around the Horizon Forbidden West map. This is because they enjoy warm temperatures and love hiding in the sand, which is why they are particularly difficult to spot.

The best location for Horned Lizard hunting would be in the desert that is situated around the middle of the map. This is not to be confused with the rocky desert-like dry area west of Barren Light. Though it looks like a desert, it isn’t and you won’t find the Horned Lizards there.

This particular reptile loves hiding in the sand, and there isn’t a whole lot of that in the rocky part of the desert biome.

Do make sure you use the campfire where you can as there are many other enemies that will surely hunt you down while you’re trying to find the necessary ingredients to increase the size of your pouch.

As the Horned Lizards are incredibly difficult to spot, I would recommend you to hold down the right stick and use the focus of Aloy in order to see and scan the nearby wildlife. Otherwise, you’ll probably spend an hour trying to find this reptile.

And even with the focus, it still took me absolutely ages to find a single one. They’re pretty rare.