After a couple of quests, hunting wild animals, and eliminating a bunch of machines throughout the Forbidden West, you’ve probably found yourself to have collected quite an excessive amount of resources, meat, and generally useless loot that you’d like to get rid of.

But, you don’t quite want to just chuck it out, and would rather profit from it instead – even if it’s a little. Luckily, the developers have developed a great reward system that allows you to actively go out and about, do your thing, and come back and sell your items for some metal shards – the official currency of Horizon Forbidden West.

But, where do you sell items in Horizon Forbidden West?

After playing the game for some time, I finally managed to figure that one out for you, and in this guide, I will show you how to sell items in Horizon Forbidden West.

But, before I show you how to do that, let’s first take a look at what items you should and shouldn’t sell, what you get for selling loot, and what you can buy.

What Items to Sell?

I’d suggest that you sell random accessories, armors, and weapons that you don’t need as well as ammunition resources, gear upgrade resources, food resources, and other similar if you’ve got a whole lot of them. This will not only free up some extra space in your satchel but will also give you some Metal Shards.

Do note that most of the resources you sell, you’ll be able to replenish as you go so it’s not like you’ll struggle to find them again. But, if you need them for a quest or for a meal that one of the chef NPCs will cook for you, obviously don’t sell them.

Note: You can go back to the NPCs and purchase the items you sold to him/her at the time. The purchase back price is the same as the price that you sold them for so you won’t be losing any Metal Shards in doing this.

What Items Not to Sell?

No matter how much you need Metal Shards, I wouldn’t recommend you to sell any of your primary weapons or armor. I also wouldn’t recommend that you sell any of your tools like traps, utilities, and potions as they will come in handy.

Besides, I also wouldn’t recommend you to sell any of your coils and weaves as those can be used eventually.

What Do You Get Out of Selling Loot?

When you sell loot – any of it – you’ll get a certain amount of Metal Shards. Metal Shards are the official currency of Horizon Forbidden West, and they can be used to purchase items you might need from merchant NPCs scattered throughout the Forbidden West.

Some of the more basic loot like herbs, which can be found anywhere on the Horizon Forbidden West map don’t tend to sell for much, but on the flip side, if you have some weapons or armor that you want to sell, you can get quite a decent deal for them.

What Can Buy Buy With Metal Shards?

Metal shards are the official in-game currency of Horizon Forbidden West. Using them, you can buy practically everything that merchants and other NPCs sell throughout the world of the Forbidden West.

When you have a decent amount of metal shards, you can buy Fast Travel packs, healing potions, accessories such as bracelets, armor, weapons, and a whole lot more.

Where to Sell Items in Horizon Forbidden West?

You can sell any of your items to practically any merchant that sells items in Horizon Forbidden West. Rather than wandering around, I’d suggest you head into one of the biggest towns or camps as in most cases, there would be at least one merchant there that would be happy to buy the items from you.

On the flip side, you’ll also find quite a few traveler merchants in random places throughout the Forbidden West. Those are much harder to find though so if your satchels are full, head over to one of the bigger locations and find a merchant there.

To sell your resources, simply interact with the merchant and switch to the “Sell” rather than the “Buy” tab. There, you’ll see all of the resources and loot that you have on you at the minute. And right below, you’ll see how many metal shards you will get for the stack of the particular item you’re looking at selling.

Do note that all merchants will pay you the same amount for the same item regardless of location. What you can’t do though is buy the same items at every merchant. So, you might as well find the merchant you need to buy items from and sell all of your resources you don’t need to him/her.