Metal Shards are the official currency in Horizon Forbidden West. Using Metal Shards, you can purchase various items like fast travel packs, armor, weapons, potions, and virtually anything else that your heart desires from NPCs scattered throughout the map.

Aside from that, Metal Shards are also super useful when it comes to upgrading your weapons and armors as they are an essential ingredient that you can’t really go without.

This leaves many players wondering where to get Metal Shards in Horizon Forbidden West.

And, after playing the game for some time, we’ve got all the answers you’ve been looking for below.

Where Can You Get Metal Shards From?

There are a number of ways you can get Metal Shards. Some are better than others, but nevertheless, all work and it’s a matter of choice as to which route you decide to take.

Killing and Looting Machines

Getting rid of those nasty machines throughout the Forbidden West has its benefits. You will not only help the local population survive but will also be able to loot them and get your hands on a decent chunk of Metal Shards.

Now, it’s worth mentioning here that the more difficult the machine is to kill, the more Metal Shards and better loot it will drop. As far as Metal Shards are concerned specifically, you’ll find some in almost every single machine that you eliminate.

Selling Unwanted Items

Perhaps the best way to get Metal Shards is by selling items that you no longer need. From armors and weapons to food, healing, and gear upgrade resources – the opportunities for making Metal Shards are truly endless.

If your inventory is full, I recommend you get rid of absolutely everything that you don’t need. That way, you will open up space for more loot as you progress through the game. You’d be surprised with how quickly you can fill up your inventory with a lot of random items that will eventually add up and bring you in a nice amount of Metal Shards.

Do note that the items, which are more difficult to find will end up selling for more Metal Shards so it’s always worth it to pay extra attention to the items that sell for the most, and perhaps, moving forward, you can target those specifically rather than picking just about anything from the loot you come across.

Looting Chests and Crates

Another fantastic way to get your hands on some extra Metal Shards is by looting chests and crates that you can find scattered throughout the map. In most cases, you will find such chests in uninhabited areas or smaller camps. There aren’t many chests located in lively areas where there are a lot of people.

So, you will need to expose yourself to a bit of danger in order to get those precious Metal Shards.

Do keep your eyes open as some of them are hidden very well. Luckily, the markers around will help you identify the chests that you may have otherwise missed out on.