Hunting down raccoons in Horizon Forbidden West is something you will need to do in order to get your hands on some crucial ingredients needed for cooking food, upgrading storage, and in some cases, making you some extra Metal Shards.

While all of us are going to have to find raccoons in our journey through the Forbidden West at some point in time, not all of us would have come across these tiny mammals, which can be difficult to spot.

So, in this guide, I will show you exactly where you can find raccoons, go into a bit more detail as to what loot raccoons drop, and more.

What Loot Do Raccoons Drop?

Raccoons drop quite a number of different valuable loot items. The most popular ones that I have come across include wild meat, raccoon hide, raccoon bone, and eastern beast rib. You can’t get Metal Shards or any other such valuable items from Raccoons.

Each of the loot items that raccoons drop can be used for various things such as upgrades, crafting different items like fast travel packs, cooking food, and more. If you want to, you can even sell items that drop from the raccoons you manage to hunt, which you don’t end up needing and earn yourself some extra Metal Shards.

What Can Raccoon Hide Be Used For?

Raccoon Hide is an essential ingredient in upgrading Aloy’s Hunter Arrow Quiver. Without it, you can’t upgrade the capacity of the pouch, which means you’ll only be able to handle a minimum number of arrows Aloy can handle at any given time.

The upgrade increases the arrow storage space for all arrows, not just the basic ones, which makes Raccoon Hide a very valuable resource.

Before I went out hunting for raccoons, sometimes, I had to stop in-between fights with machines to craft some extra arrows as my Hunter Arrow Quiver wasn’t large enough to store enough arrows to last me for the whole battle.

Where to Find Raccoons in Horizon Forbidden West?

You will come across raccoons quite early on in your adventure of exploring the Forbidden West. These little sneaky animals can mostly be found in forests, areas with a lot of green grass, and water nearby.

For a visual representation of where raccoons can be found, please take a look at the map above. The map shown is a decent chunk of where you started your journey in the Forbidden West.

For better guidance, get fast travel packs, and teleport to Chainscrape. From there, head out and follow the stream of the river. You can also follow the path to the southwest until you reach a bridge with a campfire to the left.

Don’t cross that bridge but rather turn to the right and explore the forest above. There and in the surrounding area, you should come across plenty of different animals including raccoons.

I would suggest that you use Aloy’s focus in order to spot the raccoons are they are quite tiny and blend in with the relatively tall grass, which can make them quite hard to spot. Using Aloy’s focus, you can also see them from quite far away and through grass, hills, and rocks, so that ability always comes in handy.