Archaeology is a gameplay feature that allows you to explore your world in a slightly different way than what you may be used to.

While most exploration requires you to go from one spot to another, archaeology will make you pay more attention to details. In suspicious blocks you can find pottery sherds that will allow you to build decorated pots for your world.

In this article we will walk you through this entire process and teach you how to make your own decorated pots for your builds.

Minecraft Brush Recipe

  • 1 feather
  • 1 copper ingot
  • 1 stick

Putting these ingredients together on a crafting table, in that very order, is how you make a brush.

The brush will be your main tool when doing archaeology. You use it to brush away at the suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks you find in different places.

Finding Pottery Sherds

Pottery sherds are items you will be looking for in archaeology and you will be finding them with the help of your brush.

Pottery sherds can be found in suspicious sand and suspicious gravel.

Suspicious sand spawns under desert pyramids and inside desert wells, both of which can be found randomly generating in the desert biomes. The only other place you can find it is ocean ruins.

It’s going to be much easier finding the sand and brushing it out if you empty out all the water in the area.

Suspicious gravel, on the other hand, spawns in the cold versions of ocean ruins or in trail ruins.

Both blocks can be told apart from their counterparts by a slight variation in their pattern. In the image below we placed them next to each other so you can see the difference.

After using the brush on either of these blocks they will drop a pottery sherd. These are used to craft the decorated pots.

There are a total of 20 different pottery sherds which you can find. Each has its own design and engraving on it.

Finding Sniffer Eggs

Ocassionally, you can find something other than pottery sherds in these suspicious blocks.

There is a small chance of finding sniffer eggs. Sniffers are special mobs that do not spawn naturally in the Minecraft world.

The only way to find one is to find its egg and hatch it yourself.

Minecraft Decorated Pot Recipe

  • 4 clay bricks OR 4 pottery sherds

There are two ways you can make decorated pots in Minecraft. The first way is with the use of plain clay bricks.

Arranging them like you see on the image below will make a decorated pot that is, actually, completely undecorated. It is a plain large clay pot that doesn’t have anything special to it.

If you use the pottery sherds that you find in suspicious blocks, however, you can make real decorated pots. Rather than being flat these pots will have engravings on all of their sides, depending on the type of pottery sherds you use.

There are endless different combinations and decorated pots which you can make.

When you hover over each pot in your inventory it will tell you which sherd patterns were used in making it.

Building With Decorated Pots

Decorated pots are purely decorative blocks and don’t really have any other usage. They can be placed on the ground like any regular block, but despite their shape, their hitbox is flat on the top.

This means you can place other pots or blocks on the very top of them.

This comes very in handy because you can stack pots on top of each other, using them to build beautiful decorative columns with engravings on them.

What to do Next

Decorated pots are basically bigger versions of flower pots. Though, flower pots are also special, despite their small size.

Flower pots, as the name suggests can be used to hold flowers and even tree saplings, for the sake of decoration.

We have an article that shows you how to craft flower pots so that you can decorate your base more.