Every home, village, and base needs a wall. Something to circle it and protect it from any unwanted attackers or looters.

Though, surrounding your base in a cobblestone wall or just a fence isn’t always the most sightly or aesthetic. It can leave you feeling trapped and, over time, the look just becomes boring.

That’s why we are here to give you some inspiration. In this article you can see many different wall designs for your Minecraft base, starting from the simpler ones that can easily be replicated in survival to those that may need an extra pair of hands to finish.

There is certainly a wall to fit everyone’s taste.

1. Upgraded Fences

Upgraded Fence

You do not have to go all out with your designs every time. You can make a rather simple looking fence using fence gates and a stone wall type of block, instead of using actual fence posts.

Fence gates will alter their height when they are placed next to a wall, like you can see in this design. Mobs can still not jump over these and you have a much nicer looking fence.

Putting a lantern or potted plant on top of the walls adds also for a nice detail and possible lighting.

2. Tall Fences

Tall Fence

Adding a row of blocks under your fence allows for the fence to feel taller and for your area to be more secure.

Just like the other, this design allows for plenty of extra details to be added, but most importantly it stops mobs from entering. It also follows the usage of fence gates and cobblestone walls to make it look more dynamic.

It is a very simple method with lots of potential.

3. Fences With a Hedge

Fence with a hedge

Maybe the gray stone blocks are not really your taste and you need a bit more nature? Well, then simply add hedges as part of your fence or wall design!

This design makes the fence quite a bit wider, but it adds a lot more greenery to your typically boring fence design.

In this image I used oak and azalea leaves, placing them between two rows of fences.

4. Brick Wall

Brick wall

This simple wall uses the brick wall blocks for the most of its design, alongside a few minor details.

The red adds a wonderful touch of color and breaks apart the usually gray design other walls in the game have.

In this design we used spruce stairs and trapdoors to turn the pillars into a lamp post, while pots were used to make the smaller pillars along the wall.

5. Old Medieval Wall

Old Medieval wall

Not every wall has to be pristine and clean. Consider building a wall that has been worn through time, a wall that has seen plenty of battle and mobs coming across it.

Adding cracked variations of blocks and replacing spots with either stairs or slabs sells this look very well.

In places you can even leave out a whole portion of a pillar or more.

6. Stone Town Wall

Stone town wall

This is a sturdy stone wall that can encompass an entire town or city if you want it.

It is tall and wide enough to include plenty of details between its beams and if you need to you can line up several towers along the structure, or a pathway above the wall so that you may see over it.

This wall mainly uses cobblestone stairs, walls, and other cobblestone blocks mixed with a lot of spruce details.

7. Overgrown Walls

Overgrown wall

If you are a fan of mossy aesthetics then this may be the perfect wall for you.

Mixing up the ruined features from the ruined wall along with moss blocks, vines, and an abundance of leaves, you can make this wall look like it was forgotten by time and reclaimed by nature.

This can perfectly fit with other Minecraft wall designs as a detail of its own to point out how parts of your wall may be located near water.

Tell stories through details!

8. Castle Walls

Castle Wall

A castle needs tall and strong walls to protect it, first and foremost. However, these walls need to be pleasing to the eye and showcase the strength and wealth of your castle.

A good castle wall will also have an area where you can climb them in order to take out intruders from a height so remember to make this wall thick enough for that.

9. Pillager Outpost Walls

Pillager walls

These tall and clunky walls made out of logs go along perfectly with the design of pillager outposts. They can also be great if you are building a Viking village.

All that you have to remember is to keep each post of the wall at least 2 or 3 blocks in height so that mobs cannot climb them or peak over them.

Add some fence posts on top for a bit of extra detail.

10. Ancient City Walls

Ancient City Walls

Take some inspiration from the Ancient city if you ever dared to venture down into the cave depths. Take the deepslate blocks and sculk that can be found in the area.

Light up the wall with soul lanterns or soul fire to give it a spooky glow.

Perfect for darker and more ominous looking builds. Think evil forts, wizard towers, and more.

11. Sandstone Walls

Sandstone wall

Perfect for desert builds and other similar builds you’d place in hot biomes.

This wall is not particularly tall or thick, but it is very cozy. Mixing together sandstone blocks with brick or granite walls helps bring a splash of color to the yellow desert terrain.

On top of each pillar you can alternate between placing lanterns and placing flower pots to break the pattern up even more.

12. Chain Fence Walls

Chain Wall

Chains in Minecraft can also be placed horizontally, rather than just hanging.

This allows you to stack them together from one wall or pillar to another. The chains leave enough space between them for you to gaze out, but as they are solid blocks nothing can pass through them.

Just be careful of skeleton arrows!

13. Prison Walls

Prison Walls

When we look at iron bars it is really hard not to think of a prison cell or something similar of the sorts.

These tall and gloomy walls are perfect for surrounding your prison or dungeons, designed for any prison to be able to gaze at the outside world without reaching them.

14. Zoo Enclosure Walls

Zoo Enclosure Wall

If you are considering building a zoo to showcase all the many animals of the Minecraft world, consider making a zoo enclosure wall.

This wall works very well to keep visitors safe while giving them a good spot to look at the animals. It works the best if the enclosure is a block or more lower than the wall itself in order to keep any of the animal mobs out.

15. Nether Walls

Nether Walls

Taking inspiration from the Nether, consider using the many nether blocks to build your wall. Once again, these give you a pretty dark and ominous aesthetic.

Building them from nether bricks, paired up with some dark terracotta blocks will leave this wall looking perfect for a villain’s fort. You can even use them in the nether itself for your nether base.

Or if you simply enjoy the pretty warm colors, you can make a cute looking pink and purple base walls!

16. End City Walls

End City Walls

The End City is usually a single structure, but it is well known for its unique look and the purpur blocks. If you can get your hands on the materials, consider building your walls using the End City aesthetic.

Purple with dashes of yellow and lighting coming from end rods.

17. Underwater Base Walls

Underwater base walls

If you are planning to build your sanctuary somewhere underwater then you will certainly need walls to go along with it. Think of it as the perfect wall to envelop Atlantis.

Built with a mix of chiseled and regular quartz blocks and some terracotta this build makes you feel like you’re in an underwater utopia. Not every underwater base has to be made entirely of glass.

18. Futuristic Walls

Futuristic Walls

If you are looking for something modern or need an idea for a wall for your futuristic builds, then this is it!

With unusually shaped walls and the floating iron trap doors that look like saucers, this kind of wall can fit in with most futuristic builds. Imagine it being advanced magnets or technology keeping the plates up and floating.

19. Japanese Walls

Japanese Walls

These walls are perfect for a japanese house build. They are a simple wall with a roof on top, but the wall is open to have endless details added.

Using a smooth type of block and breaking it up with the stair variety of the block helps break up the shape and allows you to add texture, detail, and depth where needed.

You can also add blocks of a similar color, but different texture, to give this kind of wall the look of wear and tear, if you do not wish for it to look all pristine and perfect throughout.

It adds character and makes the wall not look so plain.

20. Walls With Planters

Walls with Planters

Sometimes you want to add more nature around your walls without covering them in moss. This design has just enough space between its pillars to allow for planters!

Make the planters from simple glass blocks and cover them with trapdoors. You can then plant any flowers or shrubs you want on them. My personal favorites are azalea shrubs.

Behind each planter is a window with an iron bar barricade and above is a light to keep it safe.