Darts in OSRS tend to be a fairly popular Ranged weapon. This is for a variety of reasons, namely their attack speed allows players increased damage per second (DPS) rates, which translate to increased Ranged experience rates. 

On the other hand, unpoisoned darts are also used as ammunition for another of the game’s iconic Ranged weapons, the Toxic Blowpipe. This weapon is used in a lot of high level content, such as fighting Lizardman Shamans and various bosses.

Therefore, using darts to train the Ranged skill often results in great experience rates. However, there are a few requirements to meet before you can make darts yourself. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make darts in OSRS.

“Tourist Trap” Quest

Making darts in OSRS can be done in a few steps. You can create them using both your Smithing and Fletching skills, but only after completing the quest “Tourist Trap.” You can start this quest by speaking to Irena, who is right outside the Shantay Pass. 


“Tourist Trap” is a Medium-length, Intermediate-level quest that should not take too long to complete. You will need 10 Fletching and 20 Smithing to do it, since you will be making darts during the quest. You also must be able to handle a level 47 enemy. 

I would very highly recommend playing on the RuneLite client and using the plugin “Quest Helper” from its Plugin Hub. This is a great tool for completing quests, since it shows you where to go, who to talk to, and even which dialogue options to select. 

PPlunderQuestHelper 4

You should also consider doing more quests in the desert, so you can be able to switch to the Ancient spellbook.

Making Darts

Once you have “Tourist Trap” complete, you can start making darts in Old School RuneScape freely. To do this, you simply need to smith metal bars into dart tips. 


You need 4 Smithing to make bronze tips, 19 Smithing to make iron, 34 Smithing for steel, 54 for mithril, 74 for adamant, and 89 for rune dart tips.   

Then, all you have to do is attach feathers to your dart tips, using your Fletching expertise. You need 10 Fletching for bronze darts, 22 for iron, 37 for steel, 52 for mithril, 67 for adamant, 81 for rune, 90 for amethyst, and 95 for dragon. 


High-Level Darts

Note that dragon dart tips cannot be smithed, and must be received as a drop from various monsters and activities. Monsters who drop dragon dart tips at frequent rates include Vorkath, the Grotesque Guardians, and the King Black Dragon. 

Meanwhile, amethyst dart tips can be made by using a chisel on amethyst crystals requiring 92 Mining to mine. This uses the Crafting skill instead of Fletching, requiring level 89. Both dragon and amethyst dart tips, along with any of the previous tiers, can also be bought from the Grand Exchange. 

The Graceful Clothing can be very useful in reaching these remote monsters and mining locations.

Final Thoughts

Making darts in OSRS can be done in several simple steps. First, head into the desert and complete the quest “Tourist Trap” to unlock dart fletching. Then, simply smith your desired dart tips out of the required metal, and attach feathers to them with the Fletching skill.