Port Khazard in OSRS is a relatively unused port located between Ardougne and Yanille. That being said, the port contains a number of unique activities and NPCs. Its surrounding area also serves as a travel hub, since it’s easy to get to while having a number of useful teleports.

Some of the interesting activities found in Port Khazard include the Fishing Trawler minigame, where players can grind for the Angler Outfit and fulfill Ardougne Achievement Diary tasks. Tindel Marchant, an NPC who will identify rusty swords you may find, is also found here. 

Additionally, there is a bank chest located here. As mentioned before, the location is also very easy to reach, since it has no requirements. It’s simply a part of the world that doesn’t require any quests or skills to unlock. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get to Port Khazard in OSRS. 

Fishing Trawler Minigame Teleport

You can get to Port Khazard in OSRS using one of several simple methods. By far the easiest to use and access is a minigame teleport to the Fishing Trawler. Note that these teleports are on a thirty minute cooldown, however. They also have no requirements to use. 


To use a minigame teleport, navigate to the Clan chat channel tab. This tab has four subsections, and you need to click on the last one, with a different image from the other three. This brings up the minigame teleport menu. Simply find Fishing Trawler in this list, and click “Teleport.” 

Charter Ships

You can also charter ships from any other port in the game. Simply talk to the Trader Crewmembers found at these ports. They will sail you to any other port in the game for a relatively expensive fee. 

TraderCrew 1

The fee for chartering depends on the in game distance between your origin point and your destination. For example, sailing from Corsair Cove would cost 600 coins, while sailing from Port Phasmatys would cost 4,100 coins. 

Ardougne Cloak

Another way of getting to Port Khazard in OSRS involves the use of the Ardougne Cloak 1 for its Monastery teleport. This takes you to the Ardougne Monastery, which is very close to Port Khazard. Simply teleport and run southeast. 


You can get the Ardougne Cloak 1 as a reward for the Easy Tier of the Ardougne Achievement Diary. It offers unlimited teleports to the Monastery, and is an incredibly useful item for traveling across the world. I would recommend getting one as early as possible in an account’s lifespan. 

Starting (but not completing, it’s OK to fail) a Fishing Trawler game is a requirement for the Easy Ardougne Diary. Use the minigame teleport to get there first, then you can use the Cloak for future teleporting to Port Khazard. 

Fairy Rings

If you have access to the Fairy Ring network, you can teleport to the Tower of Life with code DJP. The Tower is right next to the Ardougne Monastery, so you can simply run southeast from there. 

FairyRing 1

You can unlock the Fairy Rings by completing a few steps into the quest “Fairy Tale II: Cure a Queen.” Of course, you must have completed the previous quest, “Fairy Tale I: Growing Pains” and all its prerequisites to start this quest. 

There are several skill requirements for “Fairy Tale II,” but you don’t need them to reach the point where you unlock the Fairy Rings. You can start the quest by speaking to Martin the Master Gardener, located in Draynor Village. 

The Lady of the Waves

Alternatively, you can get to Port Khazard in Old School RuneScape by taking a ship located on Karamja. If you speak to Seravel, located close to Duradel in Shilo Village, he can sell you tickets for the Lady of the Wave ship for 25 coins each. 


The ship is located on the western edge of Karamja, straight west from Shilo Village. Its captain, Captain Shanks, also sells tickets for varying prices between 45 and 65 coins each. Talk to him with a ticket in your inventory, and he will sail you to either Port Khazard or Port Sarim. 


Khazard Teleport Spell

There is one additional method of getting to Port Khazard in OSRS, but it has pretty hefty requirements compared to the ones I’ve already mentioned. You can use the Lunar spell Khazard Teleport to teleport directly to Port Khazard. 

Using the Khazard Teleport spell requires 78 Magic and completion of the quest “Lunar Diplomacy.” You can start this quest by talking to Lokar Searunner, on the westernmost dock in Rellekka. 


To complete “Lunar Diplomacy,” you need 5 Herblore, 61 Crafting, 40 Defence, 49 Firemaking, 65 Magic, 60 Mining, and 55 Woodcutting. You also need to have completed the quests “The Fremennik Trials,” “Lost City,” “Rune Mysteries,” “Shilo Village,” “Jungle Potion,” and “Druidic Ritual.” 

Final Thoughts

Getting to Port Khazard in OSRS can be easily done with a number of simple methods. You can use a Fishing Trawler minigame teleport, sail there from Karamja, charter a ship from other ports, and use Fairy Rings or the Ardougne Cloak.