The Trollheim mountain in Old School RuneScape allows players to access a variety of content, such as the God Wars Dungeon. However, access to Trollheim itself must be unlocked beforehand. 

While it may seem like a relatively empty mountaintop, Trollheim is a hub that a lot of Troll-related content can be accessed from. Specifically it is located right next to the Troll Stronghold, where players can continue the Troll questline, and Farm some herbs.

The Troll questline provides a number of important, useful rewards for any account. Additionally, some of its early stages must be completed to access Trollheim at all.

Every premium RuneScape member should know how to get to Trollheim in OSRS – I’ll show you exactly how to do this in this guide.

Access Without Quests

Before we begin, it’s important to note that there is a method of accessing Trollheim without completing any quests. This would be especially useful for accounts who don’t want Attack experience, since one of the quests required rewards it.

To access Trollheim without any quests, you need to complete the Easy tier (or any of the other, higher tiers) of the Combat Achievements. Our OSRS Crush Weapon Guide can help you with this! You will be rewarded with Ghommal’s Hilt 1, which allows you to teleport directly to the God Wars Dungeon. 


You can simply run south from the God Wars Dungeon to reach Trollheim without any quests. All the other travel methods I’ll describe require at least partial completion of several quests.  

Access With Quests

Access to Trollheim requires partial completion of the quest “Troll Stronghold.” You need to have completed “Death Plateau” and have an Agility level of at least 15 for this quest, though many players recommend a higher Agility level. 

To help you with these quests, I’d highly, highly recommend playing on the RuneLite client, and downloading the “Quest Helper” plugin from the Plugin Hub. This plugin shows you who to talk to, what to bring, where to click, and more. It does everything except clicking for you. 

PPlunderQuestHelper 1

With “Troll Stronghold” at least partially complete, you can run north from Burthorpe, past the Death Plateau, through the arena where you fight Dad, and reach Trollheim in OSRS. You’ll need the climbing boots from “Death Plateau”, and to use Protect from Missiles. 


If you plan on continuing the Troll questline, which Trollheim plays a big part in, consider learning how to get to Brimhaven in OSRS, as later quests require a rare item called the Gout Tuber from this area.

Alternative Access Methods

Alternatively, you can use the Fairy Ring network if you have partially completed the quest “Fairy Tale II.” Simply travel to ring AJR, then run through the Troll Stronghold to reach Trollheim. You’ll need the climbing boots for this, too. 

There is another quest you can do for even easier access to Trollheim. It is called “Eadgar’s Ruse,” and requires completion of “Troll Stronghold” and “Druidic Ritual,” as well as 31 Herblore. You can start this quest in Taverly.


With “Eadgar’s Ruse” complete, you can simply use the Trollheim Teleport spell with 61 Magic and the proper runes. Moreover, you can use a scroll of redirection from the Nightmare Zone to turn House Teleport tablets into Trollheim Teleport tablets. 

Final Thoughts

Access to Trollheim is necessary to access the God Wars Dungeon. This makes it an important area to progress for mid- to late-game OSRS accounts, since the Dungeon provides many useful gear items.

As a result, access to Trollheim adds significant value to any RuneScape account. Players can add this value by following a number of simple steps. Using these steps, you can get to Trollheim in OSRS.