The Tree Gnome Village in OSRS is home to a smaller offshoot of the gnome civilization. There are a few quests and quest related NPCs that can be found here, as well as a Dungeon and a general store. 

Many players choose to visit the Tree Gnome Village early into a fresh account, since an important early game quest can be started here. This quest, aptly named ‘Tree Gnome Village’ unlocks the Spirit Tree transport system, providing useful teleports for early game accounts. 

The Spirit Trees can be quite useful for Farming experience, as there is a fruit tree patch right outside the village. In order to unlock the Spirit Tree system and take advantage of its convenient teleports, I will show you how to get to Tree Gnome Village in OSRS. 

Navigating the Maze

There are several ways to get to Tree Gnome Village in OSRS. Note that the village itself is located in the middle of a hedge maze, and that you will need to navigate through this maze on your first visit. 


On later visits, a gnome named Elkoy can be found outside the entrance to the maze, and you can simply follow him to be teleported to the village itself. Elkoy can go both ways, from maze entrance to village, and village back to maze entrance. 

Spirit Trees

The first and most straightforward way of getting to Tree Gnome Village is to use the Spirit Tree system, which requires you to complete the previously mentioned quest, Tree Gnome Village. You can start the quest by talking to King Bolren, in the middle of the village. 

Tree Gnome Village is a short quest with no hard requirements, but it does involve defeating a level 112 enemy. Don’t let his high combat level fool you, this boss is quite the pushover, since he only uses melee. This means you can safely take him out from a distance using Magic. 

SpiritTree 2

Once you have completed the quest, you will be able to use Spirit Trees to teleport between Tree Gnome Village, the Gnome Stronghold (you need another quest to teleport from the Stronghold, but not to it) Grand Exchange, Khazard Battlefield, and Feldip Hills. 

Necklace of Passage

Another method of getting to Tree Gnome Village in Old School RuneScape is to utilize a Necklace of Passage. Simply teleport to the Outpost with the necklace, and run south through East Ardougne and the Khazard Battlefield. 


Necklaces of Passage can be bought from the Grand Exchange, or made from scratch. You need 25 Crafting to make a Jade Necklace from a cut jade and a silver bar, then you can enchant it with Lvl-2 Enchant and 27 Magic. 

Ardougne Teleport

A third way to get to Tree Gnome Village in OSRS is to use the Ardougne Teleport spell, or tablet. This will bring you to the market section, and you can simply run south through the Khazard Battlefield to reach the village from here. 

ArdyTele 1

Using the Ardougne Teleport spell requires 51 Magic and completion of the quest ‘Plague City.’ You can start Plague City by speaking to Edmond, who lives in the northwestern section of East Ardougne, near the wall separating East and West Ardougne. 

Plague City has no requirements, but involves a few items Ironman players may find challenging to obtain, such as chocolate bars and snape grass. 

Fishing Trawler Minigame Teleport

The next method of getting to Tree Gnome Village in Old School RuneScape is to use the Fishing Trawler minigame teleport. Keep in mind these teleports are on a 30 minute cooldown. 

Minigametele 2

Simply navigate to your grouping tab, all the way to the right of the Clan Interface tab. Select ‘Fishing Trawler’ from the dropdown menu,and click teleport. This brings you to Port Khazard, and you can simply run west to Tree Gnome Village from the port. 

Ring of Dueling

Finally, you can use a Ring of Dueling (or a minigame teleport) to Castle Wars to get to Tree Gnome Village in OSRS. Use one of these methods to reach Castle Wars, then run over the bridge to your south. From there, run northeast until you reach the hedge maze. 


Rings of Dueling can be bought from the Grand Exchange, or you can make them yourself from an Emerald Ring.

Final Thoughts

Getting to Tree Gnome Village in OSRS can be done in several ways. The first and easiest of these ways is to simply use a Spirit Tree teleport to bring you right there. Alternatively, you can use the Ardougne Teleport spell and run south. 

Moreover, various teleport jewelry can be leveraged to get to the Tree Gnome Village, like the Necklace of Passage to the Outpost and running south, or a Ring of Dueling to Castle Wars and running northeast. You can also use minigame teleports to Castle Wars or the Fishing Trawler.