The 8 Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2021

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Mouse pads are a fundamental part of your gaming setup.

Using a mouse pad will provide your mouse with the right environment for operation. This will greatly improve your in-game accuracy to the point where you can be pixel-precise without any problems at all.

To help you become even better at the games that you play, the DiamondLobby team and I have set ourselves the challenge to conduct all of the research for you. This way, we can present you with our confident list of the best gaming mouse pads on the market today.

The selection process was fairly straightforward. Initially, we conducted some community research to identify the needs and pain points of gamers who are currently making use of a mouse pad.

Using our findings, we then created comprehensive 5-point criteria, which helped us filter through hundreds of products to find the best qualifying pads on the market, which you will see today.

We found that the average mouse pad was rectangular in shape. It featured a fairly basic and simplistic design while being made from high-quality and durable material that will help you be a lot more precise in-game.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best mouse pads, and hopefully, by the end of this guide and review, you will have found the pad that best fits your needs and budget.

Why You Can Trust This Review

With this guide and review, our goal is to provide you with a list of the best gaming mouse pads on the market while remaining completely transparent in our opinion and keeping away from any biases.

To recommend you with a handful of the best gaming mouse pads that you can pick from for your gaming setup, we first had to conduct some community research to identify the needs and pain points of all gamers who are using a pad for their mouse.

Using our findings, we created criteria, which we used to pick the best qualifying products that you will read more about today.

How We Picked

If you go ahead and Google “best gaming mousepads”, you will come across thousands and thousands of recommendations. As you could imagine, without some sort of structure, we could spend days looking at products and still not know whether or not our recommendations are truly the best.

Thus, the DiamondLobby team and I decided to conduct a 2-stage research process, which involved identifying the needs and pain points of gamers who are currently making use of a mouse pad.

Using our findings, we then created 5 point criteria, which you can read more about below. We used this criterion to filter through hundreds of products and only pick a handful of the best qualifying mouse pads.


If there was one thing that we can all agree on, that would be on the topic of visual appeal and how a particular product or accessory looks as part of our gaming setup.

It’s no secret that we all have different taste, requirements, and expectations. Thus, the PG team and I have ensured to supply you with plenty of fantastic recommendations that greatly differ in design so that t there is something for everyone.


Mousepads come in all shapes and sizes. Our findings show that most gamers prefer rectangular mouse pads as they tend to provide the most space for one’s mouse to move around.

Besides those, we also found that gamers prefer mouse pads that are super larger or unique in design.

So, to meet the needs and requirements of as many of you as possible, we decided to include mouse pads that greatly range in size and shape.


What your mouse pad is made out of will have a pretty big impact on your in-game performance. Using a poor-quality mouse pad may even perform worse than simply using your mouse flat on your desk.

On the opposite side, having a mouse pad that is made out of the finest of materials will be beneficial in terms of improving your in-game precision and stability on your desk.

Therefore, the DiamondLobby team and I have ensured to only go for mouse pads that are made out of high-quality and durable materials to ensure that your new purchase will have a huge positive impact on your in-game performance.


The thickness of your mouse pad will not affect your in-game performance as long as it isn’t either too thin or far too thick. Rather, it is very much a personal preference.

To ensure that there is something for everyone, we have made sure to include a range of thick and thin gaming mouse pads.


The stability of your mouse pad will be of huge importance to your in-game performance. If the bottom of your mouse pad is made out of slippery material that causes your mouse pad to move around during intense mouse movements, then that pad quite simply belongs in the bin.

Besides the bottom of the mouse pad, you should also pay attention to the top side of the product, as it too is of vital importance to your performance.

If you decide to use one of the mouse pads that we are recommending you today, you will have nothing to worry about in terms of stability. Else, we would highly recommend you to do your own research.

Best Budget-Friendly Pick

In case you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a mouse pad but would still like to get your hands on a decent product, we’d highly recommend you to consider the Corsair MM200.

The price at the time of writing was $10.99.

The MM200 by Corsair is not only the most affordable mouse pad from our entire list of recommendations, but is also amongst the best in terms of performance and quality.

Visually, this pad follows a very satisfying combination of yellow and black. The pad itself is made out of black cloth while at the bottom of the pad, you will find a yellow stripe that is interrupted in the middle by the Corsair logo in white.

Measuring at 14.1″ (L) x 11.8″ (W) x 0.1″ (H), this pad can easily find its place within just about any gaming setup, even if you play on a smaller-sized desk. In case this pad is a little too small for you, you can check out its Extended X-Large variant.

The textile-weave surface of this pad is designed for pixel-precise targeting and low friction tracking that will be extremely beneficial to those who play FPS games. The good news is that this pad is optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice.

The anti-skid rubber base that this pad is reinforced with helps it stay securely in place, even during intense gaming sessions.

Overall, the Corsair MM200 is a great beginner-friendly mouse pad for those of you that don’t want to shell out a lot of money.

Best Overall Pick

After concluding our extensive research, we came to the conclusion that the Corsair MM800 Polaris is the best overall mouse pad on the market today.

The price at the time of writing was $59.99.

Straight out of the box, we can see that the MM800 Polaris by Corsair features a very sophisticated and simple rectangular design that measures 13.8″ (L) x 10.2″ (W) x 0.2″ (H).

It would be the perfect partner to any competitive gamer that is looking to partner up their mouse with a surface that is designed for providing the ultimate in-game performance.

The pad’s surface is made out of a low friction micro-texture for added pad durability, tracking, and precision, which is finely surrounded by a 15-zone RGB light strip that offers an unlimited combination of vibrant colors.

One of the most notable features of this pad is the built-in USB pass-through port through which you can use your wireless or wired mouse for optimal in-game performance.

The non-slip rubber base of the pad ensures that your mouse pad will anchor to the surface of your desk and not move an inch over a period of time.

Runner Up

The Corsair MM1000 Qi is another truly fantastic gaming mouse pad. The only reason we made this pad our runner up as compared to our top pick is because it hosts some price-boosting features that not many gamers would ever need to use. Despite that, it is a world-class mouse pad.

The price at the time of writing was $117.38.

The MM1000 Qi by Corsair is perhaps the most minimalistic and simple-looking pad when it comes to design as compared to all of our other recommendations.

Straight out of the box, the MM1000 hosts an exterior that is colored in matte-black. The actual pad is medium in size measuring just 13.78″ (L) x 10.24″ (W) x 0.24″ (H). Because of its compact design, you shouldn’t have any problems with fitting it on your desk, regardless of how small or compact the space may be.

The pad itself is reinforced with micro-textured hard surface that is optimized for both optical and laser mice, which is the perfect material for pixel-precise accuracy.

One of the most notable features of this pad is that it features a wireless charging spot that can charge any Qi device ranging from your phone to a wireless vertical gaming mouse. This is the “unnecessary” feature, which we mentioned above, that drives the price of the pad to over $100. Because of that, we decided to make it our runner up pick.

The USB 3.0 pass through allows you to connect an additional device to your mouse pad. For example, if you have a wireless mouse or a wireless headset, you can simply connect it to the additional USB near the connecting cable of the pad.

Other Great Mouse Pads

In case you didn’t quite find what you were looking for from our recommendations above, below, you can find 5 other great mouse pads that can seriously improve your in-game performance.


On the look for a slightly different and less simplistic design? Then check out another one of our favorites, the ARTISAN SHIDENKAI.

The price at the time of writing was $60.99.

For those who are torn between choosing a hard or soft-surfaced mouse pad, the ARTISAN SHIDENKAI offers both with its unique material construction. This quirky gaming mouse pad is crafted from a mix of a soft synthetic foam layer and micro glass beads, providing a seamless surface that can facilitate both slow, precise mouse strokes or fast, forceful movements that make it a great choice for those who play a variety of games.

While it might be worrisome to think about tiny glass beads on the surface damaging your mouse’s gliding pads, these are so minuscule that the effects are negligible without compromising low friction performance at all.

Maintenance is easy as well, as the hybrid construction of this gaming mouse pad allows you to clean and store it just like you would with a regular soft-surfaced unit, all the while being rigid enough to avoid unnecessary crumpling when you make sudden movements. This is further improved by the extra-clingy rubber base to enhance stability when it is planted on a desk.

For high initial gliding speeds and impressive stopping ability, the hybrid construction and design of the ARTISAN SHIDENKAI is a welcome addition to the growing gaming mouse pad selection in the market.

ROCCAT Taito Control

The ROCCAT Taito Control is another fantastic and super affordable option great for both entry and intermediate level of gaming.

The price at the time of writing was $14.99.

Competitive gamers, especially those that compete in first-person shooters, opt for cloth-based gaming mouse pads more often than not. As such, the ROCCAT Taito Control makes for one of the best cloth-based options around and in our list of recommendations.

This gaming mouse pad is woven from durable synthetic fabric laid on a rubber composite layer to provide a reliable low-friction surface for a gaming mouse to glide on. Meanwhile, the non-slip rubber layer grips on the desk to enhance stability and eliminate any unwanted movement.

The ROCCAT Taito Control clocks in at a decent surface area, measuring 400 x 320 mm, which is a bit larger than most medium-sized mouse pads but is significantly smaller than extended ones.

This means that you get a generous area of desk coverage without overextending and making the gaming keyboard + mouse setup awkward to use. This gaming mousepad is also thicker than most of its competitors, clocking in at 5mm to ensure that no substantial damage will occur even under constant use. 

Unlike most gaming mouse pads as of late, the ROCCAT Taito Control chooses to keep aesthetics lowkey with a nondescript black background and minimal branding prints at the bottom right corner, making it a neat yet premium addition to your gaming cave’s ambiance.

Also, the non-fraying stitched edges add to the mouse pad’s ruggedness, ensuring that no loose threads stick out and trigger a domino effect that will damage the mouse pad throughout its service lifespan.

Logitech G440

Logitech is a renowned manufacturer of gaming accessory equipment. This also applies to mousepads, which is the reason why we decided to add the great Logitech G440 to our list of recommendations.

The price at the time of writing was $26.99.

The G440 is a fairly solid and hard mouse pad that is quite deviant from most models’ usual soft surfaces. Most cloth-based mouse pads have similar surfaces, but hard mousepads often differ due to the materials they are made of. This can either vary, with some made from aluminum, rubber, and with regards to the Logitech G440, plastic. 

While the Logitech G440’s surface might look smooth at a glance, it is actually made from polyethylene material with microtextures that provide some form of resistance, as a super smooth surface might spell disaster for sensitive applications like first-person shooters. This gaming mouse pad does it all with minimal noise, which can be quite frustrating if you don’t use a headset while gaming. 

The Logitech G440 provides the perfect balance of speed and resistance thanks to its slick surface, offering very low friction levels to allow small but quick movements to be executed with precision. This makes the pad perfect for games like MOBAs as they require accurate mouse positioning, especially when landing spells and abilities.

This Logitech mouse pad also features a multi-layer construction to bank on durability. It is designed to match Logitech’s G sensors, giving gaming mice equipped with such sensors a competitive edge over other mice.

SteelSeries QcK

Another one of our favourite mouse pads is the SteelSeries QcK. It’s simple, sleek, durable, and most important of all, designed with gaming in mind.

The price at the time of writing was $48.48.

Visually, the QcK by SteelSeries will look great within just about any gaming setup. The actual mat is entirely covered in black with the white SteelSeries logo finely positioned on the bottom left of the pad.

The pad itself measures, 17.72″ (L) x 15.7″ (W) x 0.08″ (H) making it one of the largest pads in our final selection. Despite its larger than average size, it can still easily finds its place on your gaming desk.

However, in case the size of this pad is a little too much for you, you can also find this mouse pad in Small.

The surface of the pad is made out of exclusive QcK micro woven cloth that is optimized for low and high DPI pixel-precise tracking.

As for the base of the pad, it is reinforced with non-slip rubber, which eliminates any unwanted movements of the pad.


And last but not least, we’d like to present to you one of our larger mouse pads on this comprehensive list, the ASUS ROG Sheath.

The price at the time of writing was $26.99.

If standard-sized mousepads are too small for you, then the ASUS ROG Sheath extended mouse mat might be just right for you. This mouse pad sports some of the most hardcore aesthetics from the bunch, with the glaring ROG logo imprinted with an offset grid pattern occupying the majority of the pad’s rightmost side.

It also comes in a durable construction thanks to the rugged synthetic fabric that comprises the mouse pad’s surface, allowing it to take a beating with everyday use.

Apart from that, the ASUS ROG Sheath’s surface is also optimized for maximum speed and control thanks to the refined weave pattern that improves the speed and accuracy of pointer tracking while still retaining the needed amount of friction to facilitate abrupt stops whenever needed.

Being an extended mouse pad, this will also mean that constant contact between your wrist and the surface will greatly impact comfort, especially on extended gaming sessions. Luckily, this mouse pad keeps everything cool and comfy with the smooth, breathable material comprising its surface.

The ASUS ROG Sheath also has a non-slip rubberized base that helps with stability, providing a decent amount of grip on the desk surface to keep things where they should be in case you need to do quick and tight maneuvers that entail jerky mouse movement. This extended gaming mouse pad comes with a surface area of 35.4 x 17.3 inches, which is on par with most offerings in the said size bracket.

What to Look For


Like we said in our “How We Picked” section at the beginning of this guide and review, the thickness of the mouse pad is completely up to you. As a rule of thumb, don’t go too far in either direction.

Ideally, your mouse pad should be around 0.1″ to 0.2″ in thickness.


Your mouse pad is meant to not only improve your in-game performance but also keep things comfortable for your wrist while gaming.

While softness is directly linked with comfort, one thing that you should avoid is super soft mouse pads. Ideally, your pad shouldn’t dip more than 1/20th of an inch.

Having this kind of dip range will increase your in-game precision to a great extend, especially if your mouse pad is made of high-quality premium materials.

The problem with super soft pads is that the mouse can literally sink into the pad so much that you will struggle with moving it sideways.

Sliding the mouse itself won’t make it dip to that extend, but during those intense gaming moments when you apply extra pressure, you are most likely to experience this.

The verdict? Don’t buy mouse pads that are far too soft. Luckily, in our final selection above, there are no super-soft mouse pads so you have nothing to worry about from that perspective.


When shopping for a pad for your mouse, ensure that the product is made out of adequate materials on both sides. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money and end up having a mouse pad that slides around your wooden desk when you flick your mouse or move it a little too quickly (if you are playing on low DPI).

Before you click the buy button, you should first make sure that the pad that you are considering is made out of suitable for your desk material. Typically speaking, if it’s made out of rubber at the base, you shouldn’t have a problem, regardless of your desks’ surface.


As a general rule of thumb, the less glossy your pad is, the better it will work and connect with your mouse. So, if you want your mouse to be pixel-precise, you should not even look at any reflective or glossy mouse pads.

On the positive side of things, if reaction time is more important to you than precision, a glossy and reflective pad might be the better option.

Final Thoughts

Typically speaking, the more expensive a mouse pad is, the better it is in terms of build quality, which will directly impact your in-game performance.

Mouse pads that are either too thin or too thick and soft aren’t recommended, especially if you are a high-tier FPS player.

At the end of the day, having a mouse pad, even if it is our most affordable pick, would be much better as compared to not using a pad for your mouse at all.