When you finally locate a githyanki creche in Baldur’s Gate 3, the acting inquisitor places you before Vlaakith, the undying queen herself.

She will inquire about the stolen artifact carried by Shadowheart, the Astral Prism, and may even compel you to eliminate an entity inside of it.

The one Vlaakith wants dead is known as the Dream Visitor or the ‘Guardian’, the entity that claims to shield you from the effects of your tadpole.

Can you place your trust in the Lich Queen? Should you kill the Dream Visitor?

What Happens if You Kill the Guardian?

The Dream Visitor, initially seeming like a potential ally or guide, will not meet their demise if you try to take them down.

Instead, they will express surprise and disappointment at your actions. This reveals that their existence is more robust than it initially appeared.

The Dream Visitor’s response to your assault isn’t one of fear, but of resignation and annoyance.

They will convey their belief that your attempt to eliminate them was in vain and that you remain linked to them regardless of your deeds.

This narrative twist underscores the enigmatic nature of the Dream Visitor and hints at their possession of knowledge beyond mortal comprehension.

However, this choice isn’t without consequences.

While you might not succeed in eradicating the Dream Visitor, your aggressive act will have repercussions.

The githyanki encountered in the creche will attempt to thwart you by Vlaakith’s order.

Should You Try to Eliminate the Guardian?

The Dream Visitor presents themselves as an enigmatic figure, but they also encourage you to harness the tadpole’s abilities.

By attacking the Dream Visitor, you will begin to discern their true nature and behavior when not trying to persuade you of their benevolence.

If you wish to compel the Dream Visitor to reveal more about themselves while aiming to satisfy Lae’zel, this might be the optimal course of action.

However, this could also lead the Guardian to be less inclined to be cooperative or helpful toward you.

Is Vlaakith Worthy of Trust?

In the Dungeons & Dragons realms, trusting a lich is never wise, and that remains true in the Forgotten Realms.

Vlaakith, the Undying Queen, also referred to as the Lich Queen, plays a central role in the unfolding narrative.

She assigns you the task of retrieving an artifact held by your Shar cleric, Shadowheart, but she harbors no intention of ensuring your survival or Lae’zel’s.

Even the Dream Visitor attempts to caution you that the Lich Queen’s motives might not be as altruistic as they seem and that you’re being manipulated.

This introduces a layer of complexity to your relationship with Vlaakith, compelling you to contemplate the true nature of her desires.

As you progress through the game, it becomes evident that trust is a precious commodity.

Don’t Surrender the Artifact and Lose Lae’zel

Choosing not to surrender the artifact to Vlaakith introduces a significant shift in the storyline. This decision leads to a confrontation with the githyankis, including Lae’zel, your githyanki companion.

The repercussions of withholding the artifact resonate throughout the narrative, resulting in a permanent loss of an ally.

This scenario showcases the game’s commitment to divergent narratives and the repercussions of your choices, assuming you manage to survive.

Defeating the githyankis, including Lae’zel, will undoubtedly pose a challenge.

The tension arising from defying Vlaakith’s expectations culminates in a showdown that necessitates strategic thinking and adaptability.

It also serves as a reminder that every choice you make shapes the world around you and influences the outcome of your journey.

Who is the Dream Visitor?

Warning: this is spoiler territory.

The Dream Visitor is an Ilithid, a mind flayer. He poses as someone else so you will trust him.

This particular mind flayer will eventually reveal himself to you and refer to himself as The Emperor.

Whether you should or should not trust the creature after that, it is up to you.