Isobel, a mysterious Selûne cleric, is found within the Last Light Inn, where she appears to hold responsibility for the protective light enshrouding the place.

In the pursuit of dispelling the Shadow Curse, your intentions will become apparent to Ketheric Thorm, who will attempt to hinder your efforts.

One of his strategies involves dispatching a True Soul Flaming Fist to extinguish Isobel’s life. The question arises: what unfolds if he succeeds?

Use Protection Spells on Isobel

Notably, Isobel’s vulnerability is exposed during this engagement due to her lack of armor, translating to a base AC of 11.

Even with the imposition of disadvantage on attacks through spells like Protection from Evil and Good, low rolls could still find their mark.

Enhancing her defenses with spells such as Mage Armor and/or Shield of Faith is recommended. Make sure to have protection spells prepared before talking to her the first time.

Additionally, Sanctuary presents a strategic choice for rendering her immune to attacks for a single round, albeit with a brief duration.

Preserving Isobel’s safety becomes critical, particularly when Flaming Fist Marcus and his undead minions invade the inn during your first meeting with Isobel.

What Happens If Isobel Is Taken or Dies

Given Isobel’s pivotal role in upholding the ritual spell preserving the safety of the Last Light Inn, her demise will result in the collapse of the protective barrier.

Note that this also happens if Isobel is taken alive by Marcus.

Consequently, not only will the inn lose its sanctuary, but the shadows will also claim the harpers and tieflings seeking refuge there.

This will thrust your party into an immensely challenging conflict against every individual present within the Last Light Inn.

Furthermore, this occurrence gives rise to additional predicaments, as the once secure haven for Tieflings and Gnomes following their rescue is no more.

The reverberations also extend to Nightsong due to her profound connection with Isobel.

Who Is Isobel?

This is spoiler territory. You’ve been warned.

Isobel, the enigmatic Selûne cleric, plays a pivotal role within the confines of the Last Light Inn during Act 2.

She is the daughter of Ketheric Thorm and lover of Dame Aylin, an aasimar known as the Nightsong.

Located in the heart of the main building, Isobel can be found on her room’s balcony.

Engaging in dialogue with her unveils the “Blessing of Selûne,” a protective shield that guards against the shadow curse’s milder effects.

However, concluding your conversation with Isobel initiates an encounter with Flaming Fist Marcus, who endeavors to persuade Isobel into meeting Ketheric.

An intriguing aspect is the unexpected disruption of Isobel’s light ritual, orchestrated by an unforeseen visitor and their accompanying minions.

This sudden turn of events underscores the importance of foresight.

Having the prudence to save before conversing with Isobel proves beneficial, as it allows for thorough preparation ahead of the impending confrontation.