Unlocking mastery camos in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a true test of skill and dedication. Not only do they add a touch of prestige to your arsenal, but they also serve as a badge of honor.

To unlock orion camo, players must not only master all the guns available in the game but also complete a variety of challenging tasks with each weapon.

If you already managed to unlock Polyatomic camo, having Orion camo will further demonstrate your dominance in the game. Here’s a guide on how to unlock the Orion camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

The Orion Challenge in Call of Duty MW2

OrioN Challenge

There’s no orion challenge. In order to have orion camo for your guns, you must unlock polyatomic camo for all weapons.

I know it doesn’t seem right, but you can see it for yourself by checking the orion camo’s challenge.

All the other camos demand that you do something before you even know what the challenge even is. The orion camo phrases things differently, though.

It does not say that you must have all polyatomic camos to unlock the orion challenge. It only says, “complete all polyatomic challenges to unlock.”

What this text means is that you need to complete all challenges to unlock the camo, not another challenge that you must complete.

In other words, unlocking polyatomic camo with all the guns is the challenge. Once that is done, you also have orion camo with all the weapons in MW2.

So this is how the process goes:

  1. Complete all base camo challenges with all weapons — each weapon has 4
  2.   Complete 51 gold challenges with all weapons to unlock all platinum challenges
  3.   Complete 51 platinum challenges to unlock all polyatomic challenges
  4.   Complete 51 polyatomic challenges to unlock polyatomic camo for all weapons

Tips and Tricks to Unlock Orion Camo

Acquiring Orion camo requires significant time and dedication, as it is by design.

Though there is no special technique to substantially accelerate the process, following certain recommendations may make the process less frustrating.

  1. Use XP Tokens
  2. Use the best weapon class setups of each weapon
  3. Play Invasion and Domination

Check how to get double XP Tokens to max a weapon’s level quickly. This can speed up the process by allowing you to use attachments that make the challenges more manageable.

Also, make sure that you are familiar with the best attachments for SMGsLMGsAssault Rifles, and all the other weapons.

Invasion and Domination maps usually have gunfights more frequently than other modes, which means you might also get more kills.