SMGs are light automatic weapons that can absolutely destroy your enemies if you get close enough.

They typically have great Aim Down Sight Speed, which makes them great for running and gunning.

Some SMGs might be a bit on the heavier side, some are balanced, and some are completely useless at a distance.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each gun can undoubtedly help you win more often. This guide will show you the best SMG in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 SMG Tier List

Best SMG

Unlike the Assault Rifles of the game, many SMGs can be considered pretty good choices.

Although we are dividing them into tiers, the difference between these tiers is much closer than between AR tiers.

On the other hand, much like the Assault Rifle class, one SMG is clearly the worst of them all and most likely should be changed.

Remember that you don’t need to use five attachments when using SMGs — or any weapon, really. Some attachments might hurt your handling and mobility, and some guns might not necessarily become better with a bunch of attachments on them.

Some of these weapons are pretty good the way they are. Many times, a laser or another attachment that doesn’t penalize you will be all you need.

Vaznev-9KAVery reliable. It has low recoil and good, steady damage at all distances
Lachmann Sub
Lachmann SubAA Insane rate of fire and decent damage at a distance for an SMG
PDSW 528BIt has an insanely good rate of fire, but it requires a few shots to take down someone
Fennec 45BIt has a great potential to delete people quickly up close, but it falls off pretty harshly at a distance
FSS HurricaneBSomewhat solid. It has good damage up close but has one of the worst TTKs at a distance
Vel 46BDecent at a distance, but its damage is okay at best
Minibak C
MinibakCIt is not bad, but its damage output is slightly below average
MX9DStill usable, but it is outperformed in most aspects by most submachine guns

D Tier

The D-Tier is for things that give you a clear disadvantage. Even if a firearm is not necessarily horrible, it can end up in the low tiers if it is slightly below average at nearly everything.

Some weapons might have better TTK, others might have better Recoil Control, but D Tier weapons might be almost as good as the others, but never better than most.



Unfortunately, this SMG doesn’t have something that justifies using it over others. Even the Minibak has a big magazine for those who don’t want to be reloading all the time.

In the case of the MX9, even if it can outperform another SMG in one thing, it will probably be worse in all the others.

C Tier

The weapons in this tear are not bad. They are just slightly below the B-Tier SMGs.

Although they are close to stronger SMGs in B-Tier, they underperform enough to feel like they belong to a lower category.

When it comes to SMGs, the difference is usually so little that you cannot even notice when playing the game.

However, once you check the stats and compare all the details, you can see a clear difference between the guns here and the ones in higher tiers.



The Minibak has a slightly lower TTK and damage than other guns of its class. The difference is not much, but it certainly is there.

Although there might be a few reasons to use it, like its huge magazine, chances are you can find much better weapons.

Make sure you go for attachments that increase bullet velocity, aim stability, and recoil control to improve the Minibak.

B Tier

These SMGs are certainly not overpowered and might not have something that clearly gives them an edge over all the other firearms of their class.

That said, B-Tier SMGs are solid choices that perform decently. They might have some weaknesses, but they get the job done.

These weapons are certainly very close to the ones in the A-Tier, so if you like a B-Tier SMG, I wouldn’t even say you should use another. Just go with the SMG that feels better in your hands.

However, it might be important to know their weaknesses just so you can choose the best attachment for each.

FSS Hurricane

FSS Hurricane

During the beta, the Hurricane was the undisputed SMG. However, it’s been falling off a little.

The FSS Hurricane is the M4 of the SMGs. It’s balanced and pretty easy to use for the most part.

Unfortunately, although it can be modified to be decently accurate, it is the SMG with the lowest damage at a distance.

The FSS Hurricane has one of the worst recoil patterns in the game, so you might want to use attachments that mitigate its recoil.

Vel 46

Vel 46 alternative

Previously known as MP7, the Vel 46 is a pretty good weapon at a distance.

Its rate of fire might be one of the best in CoD MW2, making this a very forgiving weapon if you miss a few shots.

Unfortunately, besides its ridiculous rate of fire and long-distance damage, it doesn’t really have anything else that outperforms the other weapons.

Even then, the Vel 46 is fun to use, fairly reliable, and recommended for those who don’t trust their aim completely — like me.

PDSW 528

MW2 PDSW 528

This submachine gun has an impressive rate of fire, but its damage is relatively low. So, although you can miss many shots and still deal considerable damage, you will lose gunfights against any other SMGs.

The exception is if you can hit three headshots. If that’s the case, the PDSW 528 will likely come out on top.

That said, the PSDW 528 is beginner friendly and has a large magazine, meaning you can actually do very well against multiple opponents.

If you are using Quickfix, you might be able to come up on top in 1v2 situations thanks to those extra rounds before reloading.

This weapon is much like the Vel 46, just better. It’s a gun with a ridiculous rate of fire and TTK.

If you go for the head with the PDSW, you will take anyone down with three shots.

Fennec 45

Fennec 45 Feature Image

The Fennec 45 has the fastest rate of fire in its class. Up close, this gun can delete people so fast that they won’t even have a chance to pull the trigger.

That said, for a weapon that has so much potential, its damage drops significantly at medium and long distances.

Still, the Fennec 45 has a damage output that, combined with its unmatched rate of fire, makes for a very reliable submachine gun that can forgive a few missed shots.

A Tier

A-Tier submachine guns are certainly good. They either have fewer weaknesses than those in B-Tier, or their weaknesses are just not that significant.

They are not necessarily perfect nor better at everything than other SMGs, but they are generally very solid and can get the job done in most situations.


Vaznev 9K

The Vaznev-9K is a consistent weapon with a good rate of fire and TTK. Its damage doesn’t drop too much at long distances. Not only that, but it is also just as powerful as the other SMGs up close.

Add those features to a very easy-to-control recoil, and you certainly have a top-tier SMG. Many players consider it the best SMG in MW2 because it’s reliable at all ranges.

With the right attachments, you will have a great damage output at close to medium range, good damage output at long range, and great recoil control.

On top of all that, SMGs tend to have good Aim Down Sight Speed, and the Vaznev-9K is pretty accurate as well.

It might not outperform all the other SMGs in all aspects, but it certainly is a solid choice that will not disappoint you.

Lachmann Sub

Lachmann Sub Cover

It might not be as good as the Valzek-9K in all ranges, but it is pretty close. In fact, both of them have many similar strengths.

Much like the Valzek-9K, the Lachmann Sub is a very consistent submachine gun with good damage at all distances.

The Lachmann Sub has a good damage output without firing too fast, which is surprisingly a good thing. If you don’t miss your shots, its damage is pretty good, and it prevents you from having to reload all the time.

S Tier

In this tier, we put the guns that outperform the others in such a way that there is no point in choosing any other of the same class.

When it comes to SMGs, I can’t say there is such a weapon. In fact, the SMGs are mostly pretty decent, which makes the lines very blurry.

Because one can use most of them effectively, it is very unfair to say that there’s such a thing as a submachine gun in the S-Tier.

Maybe things will change in the future, but for now, there’s no such thing as a dominant SMG that makes all the others look terrible.