Finding the best LMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a tricky one, but once you do, you will have a strong weapon at your disposal that can destroy enemies from range and obliterate players even when they are well hidden.

Although you might wonder how different each LMG could really be, there are actually plenty of differences between each one.

And there are certainly some LMGs that you should avoid and some you might want to try.

This article will outline the best LMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and highlight which ones you should avoid.

The Best LMG in MW2

Raal MG

Raal MG Alternative

Firstly, let’s start with the best LMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The Raal MG is a fantastic weapon, and with the right attachments, it can become a two-shot kill from long-range.

Before adding any attachments, the Raal MG has the quickest TTK out of any LMG in the game. 

Normally, you would expect that to impact the recoil control in a negative way, but the Raal MG has excellent control. There is a small spike of horizontal recoil as you start shooting, but it quickly rectifies itself as you work your way through the 75-round magazine.

Whether you’re trying to rank up quickly or attempting to hold an objective, this LMG is a fantastic option as it will lock onto targets quickly and packs plenty of power in each bullet.

It is no secret that the TTK is extremely low in MW2. The Raal MG has the power to kill enemies in as little as two shots, which is why it is the best LMG on this list.

Of course, as an LMG, it is not going to be the fastest weapon for you to run and gun with, but so long as you stick to long-range or mid-range gunfights, you can be sure this is an effective weapon.

One of the greatest attributes of this weapon is that you don’t need to use many attachments to improve the recoil, as it is already excellent. That allows you to use attachments that increase your mobility and ADS speed.

Honourable Mentions

While the Raal MG is definitely the most effective LMG in CoD MW2, there are a couple of other LMGs that can be very effective with the right attachments.

Sakin MG38

MW2 Sakin MG38 1

If you are not a fan of the Raal MG, you might want to consider trying out the Sakin MG38, which offers a better fire rate than the Raal, but lower damage. At the range, it has the second fastest TTK behind the Raal MG, which is why it deserves honourable mention as a usable LMG in MW2.

The biggest drawback with the Sakin MG38 is that it has much weaker recoil and accuracy compared to other LMGs. Therefore, the best Sakin MG38 loadout will have to address these issues, which means you won’t be able to make this weapon more mobile or improve the ADS.

556 Icarus

556 Icarus

When you start out on MW2 multiplayer, you will not have access to every LMG until you start ranking up your operator. The 556 Icarus is the first LMG you unlock in MW2, but that doesn’t mean it is the weakest.

The reason some players opt to run the 556 Icarus in multiplayer is that it offers a great fire rate and the most mobility out of all of the LMGs in the game. For any players searching for a lightweight LMG loadout, this might be the best option.

Due to weighing less, the 556 Icarus does come with plenty of recoil, making it trickier to control than other LMGs like the Raal MG.

The best Icarus 556 loadout will need to eradicate this to make this a viable weapon in MW2 multiplayer.


RPK Cover

The final LMG you might want to consider trying in your loadout is the RPK. On the face of it, the RPK seems to have a similar stat line to the Raal MG, but it is significantly less accurate than the Raal. While it offers very similar fire rate and damage statistics, the accuracy is much worse, which means, where possible, you should always choose the Raal MG.

However, the RPK can be highly effective in the medium range, although it does offer a weaker TTK than the Sakin MG38 and Raal MG, which is why it is no higher on this list.

Using a strong RPK loadout can rectify some of these issues but still leave it lagging behind some of the other LMGs on this list.

Ones to Avoid

HCR 56


The HCR is a tricky one, and although we have outlined it as an LMG to avoid, it might depend on your playstyle. The reason we have ended up putting it in this section is due to the significant drop-off in TTK once an enemy is 25 metres or more away.

The HCR is actually quite an effective weapon at close range, but if you were looking for a close-range weapon, you would be much better off selecting an SMG or even an Assault Rifle.

The meta in MW2 certainly favours fast-paced play, so if you tried to compete with these players with the HCR 56, you would quickly get shot down before you even manage to aim down the sight.

Not only that, but the HCR 56 also provides lower damage and has the worst recoil out of all MW2 LMGs.

Rapp H

MW2 Rapp

One way to look at the Rapp H is that it is a very similar weapon to the 556 Icarus, but just not as good. That should tell you already that it probably isn’t going to be a very effective weapon in MW2.

The Rapp H offers the same fire rate and damage as the 556 Icarus but significantly less damage. In a game where the time to kill can be as little as three bullets with the right weapon and attachments, you don’t want to get caught out by opponents turning on you as you hit them with lots of weak shots.

As the range is almost identical to the 556 Icarus, you are much better off choosing that option and building a 556 Icarus loadout that increases the range slightly.

While some players are tempted to try the Rapp H due to the fast fire rate, it gets beaten by other LMGs when it comes to TTK, including the Sakin and the Raal.

MW2 LMG Tier List 

Raal MGAThe best LMG in the game, with excellent recoil control, fire rate, and damage.
Sakin MG38BFast TTK and damage, but much less accuracy than the Raal MG.
556 IcarusCA good LMG while you are ranking up, but offers low damage and high recoil.
RPKDA weaker version of the Raal MG.
HCR 56EIneffective at range, an essential trait for any LMG.
Rapp HFA weaker version of the Icarus 556.