There are three safes in MW2 that you must open to get the Gentleman Thief trophy. In order to open them, you have to know all the safe combinations.

Soap will come across two of the safes while you are trying to survive the Alone mission, which is one of the hardest missions in the game. For that reason, it is easy to ignore the safes and move towards getting rid of the Shadows. The first safe is in Diego’s room, and you must open it when trying to find El Sin Nombre.

This is another hard task since infiltrating Las Almas is a very chaotic endeavor. However, we’re here to make your life easier. This guide has all safe combinations in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

All Safe Codes in Call of Duty MW2

Here are all the safe combinations you will need:

  • Safe 1: 02-02-19
  • Safe 2: 10-10-80
  • Safe 3: 37-60-80

First Safe

Safe 1

You come across this safe during the El Sin Nombre mission. If you don’t know how to go through that, or if you haven’t got to that mission yet, you might want to check out our guide on how to find El Sin Nombre in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

The first safe is in Diego’s room, which is the one right in front of the elevator. You can actually get to it without alerting anyone.

To do it, though, you will need to perform silent takedowns and throw a few knives. For that reason, make sure that you collect the knives as soon as Alejandro releases you.

They will be on a tabletop near the gate before the balcony where you must go.

Once you’re inside Diego’s safe, check his room for a closet. The safe will be inside the closet. The combination of this safe is the date you see on the painting that is hanging on the wall.

Inside this safe, you will find a shotgun and armor. These will be extremely helpful if anyone is chasing you. While waiting for the elevator, you will have to stand in front of it for a while. Chances are, Sin Nombre’s men will not be just looking at you.

For that reason, having armor will make you last much longer than usual, which might be enough to prevent you from being sent back to the latest checkpoint.

Second Safe

Safe 2

This one happens to be in one of the hardest missions in Call of Duty MW2. During the Alone mission, you will have to go through a door where you will see a guy who had a bad day.

That door will lead to one of the most challenging areas of this mission.

However, if you take a left instead of going down, you will find a locked door. Since the door has a lock on it, you might have assumed that it has something valuable in it. Turns out, it does.

If you are wondering how one finds the combination of the safe, just check the calendar on the left. Pay attention to the date since that’s how you figure out the right combination to open the safe.

However, we already provided the code in this article anyway. Scroll up to the first section if you need a reminder.

Inside this safe, you will find a throwing knife and a pistol with a suppressor. Both of these items are monumentally helpful to anyone who intends to survive the Alone mission.

In the next section, guards will look for you, and having a way to shoot a few of them without alerting the others will give you a head start.

Third Safe

Safe 3

The third safe is in the following area of the same mission.

Once you get down from the coffee shop, you will see Shadow Company guards, or just Shadows, looking for you.

Now you have a gun with a silencer, but this is not the only thing you can find that will help you in this section.

Now, you have two choices. Either you can clear the area and then go after the safe, or you can go after the safe and get an item that will help deal with all the enemy soldiers.

Since the contents of the safe can also help you defeat armored enemies that you will find ahead, it’s up to you.

Exist the building through the door or the window on the left. Be careful since there will be a guard coming to check that alley.

There’s a mechanic shop right in front of you. It’s called El Maistro. The name will be above the doors of the shop.

If you manage to go under the gate and look around, you will see a laptop on the table. The code is on the screen.

There are two cars inside the shop. The laptop will be next to the one that’s lifted. The next room where you need to go is also there.

Right in front of the car that is lifted, there is a room. Look for the safe in that area. It won’t be hard to find. Once you find the safe, use the code to unlock it as you did twice before.

In this safe, you will find a crossbow and a throwing knife. Once you have opened the three safes, you will finally have the Gentleman Thief trophy.