One of the first things any player wants to do when they start playing a new Call of Duty game is to rank up their favourite guns and operator as quickly as possible. 

The sooner players rank up their weapons and operator, the sooner they will gain access to better killstreaks, perks, attachments, and other essential in-game components, all of which can help players compete in matches and create a unique operator that suits their style.

This article will discuss how to rank up quickly in Modern Warfare 2, including ranking up weapons and operators.

How to Rank Up Weapons Quickly in MW2

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Firstly, let’s focus on how you can rank up your guns as quickly as possible in MW2. Ranking your guns up quickly will allow you to access new attachments and camos and start building your perfect loadout.

Double XP Weapon Tokens

One of the most obvious ways to level up your weapons quickly is with double XP weapon tokens. You can choose any game mode to utilise your tokens, although we have highlighted some of the best options below.

Once you have found the game type you want to play, you will notice an XP tokens button next to the start matchmaking button.

To implement an XP Token in MW”, select XP Tokens and select the Token you want to use next. The green tokens will increase your player XP by double, and the orange ones will offer double weapon XP.

Double XP Weekends

You can also capitalise on double XP weekend alongside double XP weapon tokens. Double XP weekends tend to occur relatively frequently in the CoD calendar if you base it on previous years and include standard, battle pass, and weapon XP. 

Unfortunately, no events have gotten confirmed by Infinity Ward just yet, but don’t expect the wait to be too long before they announce a date.

If we use Vanguard as an example, there was a double XP weekend within the first couple of weeks of launch.


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Another way to ensure you gain plenty of gun experience is to get plenty of kills. Therefore, you should focus on playing large matches that involve plenty of players. 

With so many players in the match, you will likely not string together as many kill streaks, but by the end of the game, you will have accrued plenty of kills.

The more kills you get, the more experience your gun gains, and the faster it ranks. The best game type for you to consider is Domination, as this game type has no time limit, and games can become very lengthy. The less time you spend trying to find lobbies to play in, and the more time you spend shooting at your opponents, the better your chance of accruing kills quickly.

In Domination, you can also set yourself up near one of the bombs, picking off opponents as they attempt to plant. Domination is a great game mode as the objective ensures plenty of players spend a lot of time in the same area of the map.

Ground War

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Ground War matches can seem like chaos, but stick to corners and areas of the map you feel comfortable in, and plenty of people will pass through your area, given how many players are on the map and how big most maps are.

Ground war is also a good choice due to how many players are on the map at once. You won’t reach your kill streaks as often, but the volume of players on the map gives you plenty of opportunities to get kills and rank up your weapons quickly.

Team Deathmatch

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Another excellent option for you to try is Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch is less effective than Domination as every player does not have an objective to flock to, which can lead to games becoming quite disjointed. There is also a ten-minute time cap on each game, and the action is lesser than that of Domination mode.

However, the opposition you will come up against in Team Deathmatch will not be as strong as Domination. MW2 is another Call of Duty game that implements skill-based matchmaking, but less good players tend to play Team Deathmatch rather than more advanced game modes like Domination or Hardpoint.

So while you will likely get in fewer engagements on Team Deathmatch compared to Domination, you are likely to win more of your 1v1 fights, which will help rank up your gun quickly.

How to Rank Up Your Operator Quickly in MW2

Now we have addressed the ways that you can update your weapons, let’s address how you can quickly upgrade your operator rank. Ranking up quickly will offer you access to better killstreaks, new operators, and many other cool in-game features.

Daily Challenges

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One of the quickest ways to rank up your operator is to undertake the daily challenges. As you would expect from the name, daily challenges offer you unique challenges to complete each day, which are available for 24 hours. 

After 24 hours, your menu will reset, and you will be offered three new challenges to tackle. At the start of the game, these challenges will be relatively simple, such as getting two headshots with a pistol, respawning twice using a tactical insert, or even simply winning a match. 

Each of these daily challenges will offer you the chance to gain 2,500 XP, which will greatly help you rank up your operator.

Focus on the Objective

Next, another way to quickly rank up your operator is to pick a particular game type and stick to the objective. One of the reasons Call of Duty works so well is that players who drop into hardpoint play for the hills, and people who play Domination plant the bomb. 

That is why the game offers such lucrative rewards for players that play each game mode correctly.

Before starting any new match, ensure you have a good idea of what the objective you must achieve is.

In game modes like Headquarters or Domination, you need to focus on the areas that must be captured or detonated. By securing areas, you will receive a significant boost in XP, and the same can be said for defending these areas too.

Revive fallen teammates

Game modes like Prisoner Rescue and Knockout offer you the opportunity to bring players back from the dead during a round so that they can rejoin the action.

While reviving random players you have never met before might not seem like the most exciting prospect, we highly recommend you do, as you gain some quick XP while putting in minimal effort.

On top of that, if you manage to revive enough players, your side stands a much better chance of winning the match, which will also result in more XP.

Play to your strengths

Ultimately, one of the easiest ways to quickly rank up your operator in MW2 is to perform well in games. The only way to ensure you are going to score as highly as possible is to pick game types that you enjoy and suit your style of gameplay.

If you enjoy running into gunfights, game types like Free-for-All or Team Deathmatch will probably suit you the most. However, if you prefer to play your corners, move stealthily across the map, and pick off enemies when they least expect it, Search and Destroy might be a better choice for you.

The more you enjoy playing the mode you choose, the more chance you have of playing successfully and garnering plenty of XP.

Use Double XP Tokens

MW2 Rank Up Fast 4

As we have already touched on in the weapon ranking section, using double XP tokens is a fantastic way to upgrade your operator quickly. There are several different ways you can get your hands on double XP tokens for MW2.

Double XP Weekends

Another helpful tip highlighted in the weapons section is to take advantage of double XP weekends to rank up your operator. These double CP weekends tend to occur simultaneously as double weapon XP weekends, so ensure you keep an eye out for any announcements from Activision or Infinity Ward on their social media pages.

Final Thoughts

Now you have plenty of ways to go out and gain as much XP as possible, as quickly as possible!

Whether it is ranking up your weapons or your operator, the tips outlined in this article will help you quickly achieve the top ranks and access some of the best in-game features faster than other players, which could give you an edge in key gunfights.

The question now is, which gun are you going to rank up first? If you rank up your 556 Icarus, ensure you check out the best 556 Icarus loadout in CoD Modern Warfare 2