Most camos are just cosmetic choices that don’t say much about the player besides their cosmetic preferences. However, mastery camos tell a different story.

Players that dedicate time to unlock gold camo and platinum camo show the enemies that they have experience with their weapon or weapon class.

That said, there’s a camo that goes beyond that. It shows that players have spent a lot of time practicing and completing challenges with all the weapons in the game.

If you want to show off a rare weapon that will make others afraid of you, stick around. This guide will show you how to unlock polyatomic camo in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

How to Unlock Polyatomic Camo

Polyatomic Camo 1
  1. Complete all base challenges of each weapon to unlock gold camo
  2. After you have gold camo, complete 51 platinum challenges for all weapons
  3. Choose a weapon to unlock the polyatomic camo for and complete its polyatomic challenge
  4. Complete the polyatomic challenge:
WeaponPolyatomic Challenge
Assault Rifles25 Headshots
SMGs25 Headshots
Battle Rifles25 Headshots
Snipers25 Headshots
Shotguns20 Headshots
Pistols20 Headshots
Melee10 double kills
Riot Shield10 kills from behind
Launchers15 double kills

There are many different camo challenges, from taking down enemies with longshots to shooting enemies on the back.

The polyatomic challenges are usually related to headshots, but some are different.

In order to see what the polyatomic challenge is, you must go to the customization tab in the weapon’s gunsmith section. From there, hover over the camo. This should let you know what the challenge is or what you need to do in order to unlock the challenge.

From there, hover over the polyatomic camo, and you will be able to see the challenge. Do what it says, and you will unlock polyatomic camo for that specific weapon.

To see the challenge, you must unlock it, which is a long process. As mentioned above, you must first complete 51 platinum challenges to unlock the polyatomic challenge.

For instance, the M4’s polyatomic challenge is to get 25 headshot kills with the assault rifle, so the process would go this way:

  1. Complete the four base M4 camo challenges to unlock the M4 gold challenge
  2. Get 3 kills with the M4 without dying
  3. Complete 8 gold challenges with assault rifles to unlock the M4 platinum challenge
  4. Get 25 longshots with the M4 to unlock platinum camo
  5. Complete 51 platinum challenges to unlock the polyatomic challenge
  6. Get 25 headshot kills with the M4 to unlock polyatomic camo

Tips and Tricks to Unlock Polyatomic Camo

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific trick to make this happen faster. As I mentioned above, you will have to grind a lot for many hours in other to have this cosmetic item.

That said, you can do a few things that might help. Please note that although our tips can speed up the process, a long-time investment is still involved in getting polyatomic camo.

The tips help, but they don’t necessarily make a massive difference in the process. Still, some help is much better than just picking up the basic version of a weapon and hoping for the best.

You can use XP Tokens to max a weapon’s level quicker, which can help you have all the needed attachments to make the challenges more manageable.

You can also make sure that you know the best attachments for SMGsLMGsAssault Rifles, and all the other weapons you need to unlock Gold and Platinum camo.

Finally, play Domination and Invasion maps. These two game modes have constant gunfights that will make it much easier to complete challenges that involve taking down enemies in specific ways.

After you’re done with the polyatomic camo, unlock orion camo to have all camos in MW2.