How to Unlock Platinum Camo in CoD Modern Warfare 2

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There’s some prestige in having gold camo on your weapon. It shows that you are willing to dedicate time to mastering a gun and that you are capable of completing all challenges.

Once enemies see your weapon shining, they will see you as a threat. However, although it’s not that easy to unlock gold camo, it’s also not that hard either.

However, platinum camo shows an even greater level of dedication. It is much harder to see players with this camo, and therefore it causes a more significant impact.

If that’s what you want, let’s start from the beginning. This is how to unlock platinum camo in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

How to Unlock Platinum Camo in MW2

To unlock platinum camo, you must first unlock gold camo for all the other weapons of the same class.

In other words, if you want to equip your M4 with platinum camo, you must unlock gold camo for all assault rifles. Once that’s done, you have to complete the platinum challenge of your weapon.

WeaponPlatinum Challenge
Assault Rifles25 longshot kills
SMGs25 longshot kills
Battle Rifles25 longshot kills
Snipers25 longshot kills
Shotguns20 longshot kills
Pistols15 longshot kills
Melee10 double kills
Riot Shield10 double kills
LaunchersDestroy 25 enemy killstreaks, equipment or vehicles

* As for the Launcher challenge, seems that the number might change depending on the launcher used. Also, if you are unsure of equipment means in this context, it means mines, radars, and other things that players can drop on the map.

It is much harder to unlock platinum camo because of the time you will have to invest and the number of weapons you will have to use. The process is long, and there will be a lot of grinding. You can’t escape it.

That said, you can check our guide on how to unlock gold camo in MW2 for tips and tricks to make it much more manageable.

Once you’ve completed all the base challenges and unlocked all gold camos of a class, then it’s time to dedicate yourself to unlocking platinum.

Also, if you have double XP tokens, you might be able to use them in order to speed up the process. They can help you max a weapon’s level so you can access better attachments earlier.

For instance, if you want to unlock platinum camo for the M4, you will have to get 25 longshot kills with your Assault Rifle.

The challenge will change for all Assault Rifles, so if you want to unlock the Platinum challenge for the Kastov, you will also have to get 25 longshot kills with that weapon.

That said, since you will have gold unlocked for all the other assault rifles, you can go straight to the platinum camo challenge with all these weapons. This also makes the next mastery camo much easier to unlock.

Tips and Tricks to Getting Platinum Camo

As you will have to unlock gold camo for a lot of guns, first make sure to check our guide on that for tips and tricks.

That said, once you unlock the platinum camo challenge, things start to get a little tricky.

Make sure you create a loadout just for this challenge. You will want an ammo crate and attachments that grant you more stability, bullet velocity, and damage at a distance.

Once your gun is ready to fire people from far, far away, play Invasion maps. These tend to be the best maps to get kills from afar. 

Don’t try to play like you usually do if you want to speed up the process. Just go to the top of a building or a good hiding spot with a large, open area, camp there, and shoot everyone you see near the horizon. 

Doing so will make sure that you earn platinum camo a bit faster than you would by organically trying to get those longshot kills.

The Next Mastery Camo

As you might have imagined, unlocking platinum is required for you to get the next two mastery camos available in Modern Warfare 2.

Once you complete all the platinum camo challenges for a single class of weapons, you will unlock the polyatomic camo challenges for that same class.

In other words, having platinum camo for all assault rifles lets you access the polyatomic camo challenges for assault rifles.

The grind can be a chore but doesn’t seem as hard as previous titles. Besides, I hope our tips will help you with that.

Also, remember that you will most likely get some of these mastery camos by just playing the game. If you are not in a rush, don’t worry too much. If you are, follow our guide; I’m sure it’ll speed up the process.


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