Grounded is a survival game where you will be constantly trying to fend off bugs and insects. It can be tough and you will find yourself needing to heal or you will always be at a disadvantage.

This article will teach you ways on how to heal in Grounded.

How to Heal

There are only a few ways you can heal yourself and get your health back up in Grounded. The most obvious way of healing yourself is by using items you can craft such as a Fiber Bandage.

You can also heal through health regeneration by eating Jerkies made from the Jerky Rack. There is an abundance of raw meat in the game and you will never run out of food when you always remember which creatures drop raw meat for food. If you’re not sure, familiarize yourself with all the bugs in Grounded first.

These are mostly a tier 2 resource because you would need materials from Bombardier Beetles to craft this Jerky Rack.

Another way of healing is to use a Lean-To to sleep. It is the same structure you use to set a respawn point. Sleeping will only restore most of your max HP and if you are incredibly low on health, you will not be at max HP if you sleep. Sometimes it is easier to just die and respawn to get some health back.

How to Get Heals

Fiber Bandage Craft

Healing through the use of Fiber Bandages will require you 3 Plant Fibers and 2 Saps for each. This recovers your health over time and is not an instant heal so make sure to use this immediately instead of waiting until you are on the verge of dying when fighting bugs.

For the Jerky Rack, you will need 5 Bombardier Parts and 6 Woven Fibers. You will have an abundance of raw meat from killing most insects in the game and should give you an ample supply of Jerkies.

The Lean-To is made with 3 Clover Leaves and 2 Sprigs. You can only sleep at night so healing through this method is restricted by time.

How to Find Sap

Saps from Oak Tree

Saps are much harder to find than most resources. They are usually found in branches that only give one to two pieces per branch. The one you should be looking out for are these Sap Clumps shown in the image above. This can give you as much as a stack per Sap Clump and are easier to find since it is a big clump attached to trees or rocks and not thin branches.

Be careful when hitting the Sap Clumps with a puddle underneath it. For some reason, you cannot grab Sap that is under a puddle because you will only have the option to slurp the water instead of looting the Sap. You can build a floor before doing so if you have time to do so because it could be more inefficient and you could just try looking for another Sap Clump.

Farming Sap Clumps is the most effective way to get Sap and are usually found near the oak tree. However, you can also create a Sap Catcher and place it near branches that spawn Sap. It is inefficient because it cannot carry multiple sap at once so it will just be like you farming Sap manually while exploring.

How to Find Plant Fiber

Plant Fibers are probably the easiest material to get in the game. These Plant Fibers are everywhere and can be found in the ground with two tiny leaves and a stem. You will get a ton of these but will be used constantly for other tools and equipment. These are also made into Woven Fibers which are used for almost everything including basic tools, armor, and utilities.


With all the ways you can recover your health that was mentioned above, you should be efficient with the resources you have and see what resources are available near your base. If you built your base near the pond by the oak tree, you can find yourself with more Saps and Raw Meat than usual and in return can give you more Jerkies and Fiber Bandages.