Getting clean water in Grounded can be a daunting task because of its scarcity at times. There are a handful of water sources in the game but most of them are not clean water. This guide will help you learn more about clean water and its difference with dirty water in Grounded.

How to Get Clean Water

There is only one way of getting clean water in the game. It is by looking for water droplets as shown in the image above. They might look brownish at times and will not be considered clean water but sometimes they can be buggy and be clean source of water which will significantly increase your thirst gauge.

Always bring a canteen with you and is highly advisable to bring more than one canteen when you go out and look for these water droplets. You can craft a canteen for 3 Grub Hides and 2 Woven Fibers.

Clean water droplets can combine with each other and form an even bigger water droplet so keep an eye out for the size of these droplets. You might be lucky to find a single water droplet that can be slurped or stored more than 4 times.

Most of these water droplets can be found dropping on leaves from the trees. There are a handful of leaves located around the oak tree and it will be easy to navigate around the tree looking for water droplets on the ground and on leaves. You can also farm grubs and other materials as this area is rich with burrowed grubs and saps.

Be careful when you circle around the oak tree because there are some Wolf Spiders and Orb Weaver Spiders patrolling around this area.

How to Store Clean Water

Water Container Craft 1

To store the clean water, you will need to craft your own Water Container and place it near your base. This container cannot collect water from dropped sources and can only be filled with the canteen. Liquids cannot mix with each other in the container which means that clean water will be separated from dirty water found in puddles or the pond.

Canteen Water Container

If you do decide to make multiple water containers, clean water can be distinguishable from the dirty water when you look on top of the water container. The clean water will be more clear and blue while the dirty water still looks a little brownish.

What is Clean Water Used For?

The only use for clean water is to refill the thirst gauge effectively. Two slurps can mostly fill your whole thirst gauge and set you up for the rest of the day. It is also a good portable source for replenishing your thirst since it can be carried around with a canteen that can hold up to two charges.


Clean water to refill your thirst gauge is not that necessary but once you get a feel on where the water droplets are found and hold a handful of canteen while going out exploring, you will soon find yourself with a surplus of clean water.

If you have problems finding water droplets, you can still drink dirty water to refill your thirst gauge as food sources for hunger are easy to get. Building a smoothie station and crafting random smoothies with any material you have a surplus on can be an alternate source as well.