Endorsements are a big part of MyCareer if you are playing the regular season and not the online mode. They can give you a big chunk of VC per game, but it is crucial that you pick the right endorsement deals once you get offered them.

Endorsement deals are dependent on your playstyle, position and strengths, and in this guide we will cover everything there is to know regarding these endorsement deals.

But firstly, how do you get endorsements in NBA 2K23’s MyCareer mode, and how do you capitalize on them?

What Are Endorsement Deals?

Endorsement Negotiation

Endorsement deals are incentive-based contracts you can get from brands. These brands offer you a big chunk of VC as a one-time payment for events and performance-based incentives you can get from playing games.

Once a brand offers you an endorsement deal, you can negotiate the initial amount of VC you can earn and the number of incentives you can get.

What Are These Incentives?

Once you negotiate incentives from brands, you will get to choose rewards based on actions and challenges.

For example, Mobil 1 can offer you the following incentives.

  • 2 VCs for Flashy Assists
  • 2 VCs for Pick & Roll Scores
  • 3 VCs for Up & Under Shots
  • 3 VCs for Hopstep Layups
  • 3 VCs for Spin Layups
  • 3 VCs for Eurostep Layups
  • 3 VCs for Runners & Floaters
  • 15 VCs for Win Game
  • 15 VCs for 3 3PM Games
  • 15 VCs for 3 Dunk Games

Depending on the number of incentives you and the brand agreed upon, you can select that many incentives from the list.

Each of the incentives will give you VCs for each game you play moving forward. If you are going to play MyCareer extensively, you want to get as many incentives as you can and sacrifice the initial VC you get from the event.

You can get more than one endorsement deal, and getting more incentives on those deals will boost your VC earnings per game.

How Do You Get Endorsements?

To get endorsement deals, go to the ‘Progression’ tab in the MyCareer in-game menu. You should see endorsements within the options.

If you don’t have endorsements yet, take a look at your player’s fan meter.

Leveling up your fan meter will immediately get you an endorsement deal. Earning fans can be a bit tedious, but you just have to play as many games as possible.

You earn fans by making highlight plays during the game or answering press conference questions favoring the fans.

You can play on a lower difficulty level to make more highlight plays per game and increase your fans faster.

Eventually, you will get these endorsement deal offers from brands, which makes playing games much more rewarding because of the increased VC.

The Best Endorsements or Incentives to Pick


The best endorsements always rely on picking the right incentives. There are a ton of incentives to choose from for each brand deal.

Each one of them can vary in difficulty because they are quite dependent on the position you play or your attributes and skills.

However, there is one rule of thumb you need to know: if you see an incentive that is repeatable during a single game, these incentives are the ones you need.

For example, pick & roll scores give 2 VCs for each successful one during a game. If you do it x30 times during the game, you can get 60 VCs from the incentive alone.

On top of that, you can add 45 VCs for finishing a game with a teammate grade of A or higher. Since you are doing pick & roll scores during every possession, you are racking up your teammate grade.

This example is also one of the fastest ways to unlock badges in 2K23.

When you negotiate endorsement deals, make sure to take the ones that can synergize with each other.

Taking both euro step layups and hop step layups are counterintuitive. You want to pick just one and do it every game to maximize your VC earnings.

Player position can change incentives, so pick the ones you are comfortable doing every time during a game.

Maximizing all the endorsement incentives is one of the fastest ways to level your player. Since getting a 99 overall rating will probably take hundreds of hours to finish, these additional VCs from incentives will cut those hours of grind down significantly.