In NHL 22 Ultimate Team, there are two different types of currencies that players can use – points and coins. Points can only be acquired by spending real money.

There isn’t really a way around getting points in any other way, however, that is not the case for HUT coins. Some of the best ways to get coins in NHL 22 are by playing matches, buying and selling players for profit on the Auction House, engage with offline challenges, and many more.

There’s no secret that earning coins can be a grind and a super time-consuming process. If you want to make a lot of NHL 22 coins without spending any real money, then it will take you time, however, in this article, we will show you various different ways you can make NHL 22 HUT coins and make them quick.

Let’s take a look at the first one.

Master the Auction House

One of the best ways to make coins without playing matches or completing challenges is to understand how the NHL 22 auction house functions. In simple terms, the idea here is to buy players for fewer coins than what they go for right now and list them for higher.

While that sounds pretty straightforward, it isn’t. It will require you to literally refresh the market and wait for someone to list a player below the market value. It can be super repetitive but it’s worth it in the end – trust me.

You can also do that with consumables and virtually anything else that is listed on the market. In fact, it’s probably a better idea for you to explore different items and players that aren’t being traded by many players trying out the same tactic as you. Less competition means more coins for you.

It’s also worth noting that while most NHL 22 players make their coins by grinding out the game, others spend time understanding the market and investing for the future. Yeah, that’s right.

Some players buy certain player cards early on with the hope of making 2-3x their money over the next several weeks or months. Do note that this strategy is quite dangerous while player cards can go high in value, they can also decrease or remain the same.

Note: Keep in mind that each sale proceeded through the NHL 22 market will be taxed 5%, so do factor that in when before you list a player on the market. You definitely don’t want to come out at a loss.

To give you an example, if you buy a player for 5,000 coins and list him for 5200, you might think that you’ve made 200 coins. That’s not true. While you sell the player for 5,200 coins, EA will take their cut of 5% from the 5,200, which would be 260 coins, meaning you’ll only keep 4960 or 40 coins less than you bought the player for.

Complete Milestones and Objectives

Another unique but not so rewarding way to make extra coins is by completing your HUT objectives. And by not rewarding, I don’t mean that you won’t make a good chunk of coins – you will, it’s just that your objectives and milestones aren’t unlimited. You have a set amount and once they’re completed, that’s it.

If you’ve played for a while, you’ll have probably already unlocked some of the objectives without even realizing it. However, if you want to get every single coin out of your set objectives, then it’s worth going over to the objectives & milestones section on the HUT central tab to see what you may have missed.

As for what you can expect, 100 coins here, 2-300 coins there, that sort of thing. Nothing huge but they definitely add up in the end.

Engage in HUT Games and Offline Challenges

Playing HUT RUSH, HUT Rivals, and HUT Champions is another great opportunity for getting more coins for your NHL 22 HUT team. Win or lose, you’ll get coins at the end of each game. How many coins you get, however, will depend on the outcome of the, how many goals you scored, and various other factors. Do note that winning will bring you by far the most coins so paying attention to the details isn’t really that relevant.

Going through the various offline challenges, you’ll not only get yourself some additional packs but also a decent amount of coins. Do note that not every challenge is the same. Some challenges are more complex than others and in return, you’ll be rewarded better for the extra effort. You can take a look at the details for each of the challenges to see what reward you can expect upon completing it.

Spend Real Money

There’s no secret that the best way to advance quicker than anyone else in NHL 22 is by spending some of your real-life money in exchange for some NHL Ultimate Team points.

Using these points, you can open packs and get your hands on some of the most valuable items, players, and consumables that the game has to offer. From there, you can either use the items you’ve packed or simply sell them on.

If you’re lucky enough and manage to pack some decent items, you can skyrocket your HUT career to a place that would take the average non-paying player weeks and months to reach you.

There’s also no secret that if you have an amazing NHL team, you can quite literally run over anyone that you end up facing, which makes the game a lot more fun.

Final Thoughts

And that concludes our guide to earning coins on NHL 22 HUT. The key takeaways really are that there is no quick way to get a lot of coins on HUT without spending real money. You need to put in the time and effort and whether that is through trading on the market and profiting by selling players and other consumables or playing game after game, find out what works for you, what makes the most sense, and what is fun, and stick to that.

The safest bet is to play games, while if you want to make a fair amount of coins without actually playing the game, then it’s worth digging in deeper into the Auction Market and finding items that you can buy for cheap and sell for profit.