While the national hockey league is slowly but surely moving away from its violent tendencies, fighting in the NHL is still a regular occurrence. If you’re one of those fans that are for the scraps during matches, then you are probably wondering how to fight in NHL 22 so you can take your aggression to the ice yourself.

In this article, I’ll show you not only how to initiate a fight in NHL 22 but also how to fight, how to win, and various tips and tricks that will come in handy when scrap is about to go down.

How to Start a Fight in NHL 22

The best way to get into a fight in NHL 22 is by initiating the fight first. It might take you a few attempts for your opponent to notice you but it’s worth trying time and time again. The best time to start a fight is right after the referee blows the whistle for a faceoff. That will give you a few seconds to initiate a fight.

Do note that if you plan on starting a fight, make sure that the player you’re playing with is near the opposing player that you want to scrap with. This way, you can show your opponent that you want to fight.

In case you’re around a player you definitely don’t want to fight with and you’re forced to go into a faceoff, check out our guide on how to win a faceoff in NHL 22. It will help you out a ton in winning possession of the puck nearly every time.

You’ll know that your advances have been accepted once the players throw their gloves on the ice. From there on out, it’s free for all so make sure you learn how to fight before you get into a fight.

Note: If you are playing against an AI (the computer), you will really struggle to get into a proper scrap on the ice because the AI will most often than not turn down your advances.

How to Fight in NHL 22

Before you initiate a fight, it’s important to learn how to fight in NHL 22 as otherwise, you’ll face an embarrassing defeat. Whether you’re on PS or Xbox, there are a couple of controls that you need to memorize if you want to come out of a fight victorious.

Fighting Controls in NHL 22PS Fighting ControlsXbox Fighting Controls
Start FightDouble-tap the triangleDouble-tap Y
Accept FightDouble-tap triangleDouble-tap Y
Grab OpponentHold L2Hold LT
Fake Grab OpponentPress L2Press LT
Overhand PunchMove R3 UpMove R3 Up
UppercutMove R3 DownMove R3 Down
Push OpponentPush left stick upwardsPush left stick upwards
Pull OpponentPush left stick downwardsPush left stick downwards
Block/Lean BackHold R2Hold RT
DodgePress R2Press RT

Fighting Tips for NHL 22

The fighting controls in NHL 22 are quite simple, but what use do those have if you don’t know when to use them? Check out some of my best tips for fighting in this year’s NHL to help you come out on top.

Don’t Stand Still. FIGHT.

You should always punch before you get punched. If you managed to land a shot first, you have a pretty big chance of landing a few extra shots which can then end the fight and make you victorious. If your opponent dodges the punch or you miss it as a whole, then they will have a decent chance at countering back with a punch that can land you in danger.

In NHL fighting, you don’t want to be throwing around punches without a strategy. Instead, throw in pushing, pulling, dodging, and following up with a mix of punches to not only spice up your fighting but also humiliate and disrupt your opponent’s strategy.

Note: As I said above, if you’re playing against an AI, you’ll have quite a difficult time initiating a fight as the AI will almost always decline your advances. It works best against online players.

Pick the Right Opponent to Go Up Against

If you know a thing or two about fighting in NHL, it’s probably a good idea to pick your fights as opposed to fighting just about anyone that gives you the slightest reason for a scrap on the ice.

As you could imagine, fighting enforcers that are tougher than the player you’ll be fighting with will most often than not lead to your defeat. So, do your homework before you jump into any fights or simply have the best enforcer on your side to maximize your chances (we’ve covered the best fighters in NHL 22 in the section below).

Best Fighters in NHL 22

Upon concluding my research regarding the best enforcers in NHL 22, I’ve come to the realization that very few players can actually be useful in your team on top of being great fighters. This is particularly because most of the fighters in NHL 22 are pretty low ratings.

Despite that, in the table below, I’ll show you some of the best enforcers that I’ve found, which can also be made part of your team and be actually useful on the ice. I’ve come across some costly examples and for those, you definitely need to learn the best ways to get coins in NHL 22 if you want to get your hands on them as soon as possible.

Player NameFighting SkillPlayer PositionOverall RatingCurrent Team
Milan Lucic90LW80Calgary Flames
Zack Kassian88RW80Edmonton Oilers
Corey Perry85RW80Tampa Bay Lightning

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to initiate a fight in NHL 22 and the fighting controls for the platform that you’re playing on, all you have to do now is get into some violent engagements and practice the ropes of fighting.

With time, you’ll naturally get better as your muscle memory improves when it comes to engaging in fights in the national hockey league.