Catherby in OSRS is a resource rich town where you can fish, cook, craft, and chop wood. The abundance of Fishing and Farming spots makes this area a frequent stop for players of any Fishing  or Farming level. That being said, there is also a cooking range very close to a bank. 

The combination of this range’s proximity to the bank, and the number of Fishing spots, makes Catherby one of the best places to cook in Old School RuneScape. It’s also a great place to Woodcut and train Agility, since it’s right next to the Seer’s Village. 

Catherby is also very easily accessible, since it does not require any quests or skill levels to unlock. It’s simply a part of the main game world. However, certain quests and skills can make travel to and from Catherby faster and more efficient.

In this guide, I’ll show how to get to Catherby in OSRS. 

White Wolf Mountain

There is a variety of methods you can use to get to Catherby in OSRS. The first method, with no requirements, is simply to walk across the White Wolf Mountain from Taverly. You should bring some food if you are a low combat level, as there are aggressive wolves throughout the area. 


The white wolves that can be found here are level 25, and there is one level 73 big wolf near the top. As mentioned before, you should bring some food if you have a low combat level, or use the Protect from Melee prayer if you have 43 Prayer. If you have enough defense, you can also simply tank the hits. 

White Wolf Mountain: Tunnel

There is a tunnel that runs underneath White Wolf Mountain you can use to travel between Catherby and Taverly. Access to this tunnel requires you to complete the quest “Fishing Contest.” It’s a very short and incredibly easy quest. 

You can start “Fishing Contest” by speaking to one of the dwarves outside of this tunnel, on either side of the mountain. You need 10 Fishing to do this quest. With “Fishing Contest” complete, you can use this tunnel to bypass the wolves on the mountain. 


White Wolf Mountain: Gnome Glider

Alternatively, you can take a Gnome Glider to the top of White Wolf Mountain, then run down from the peak. This saves a considerable amount of time and hitpoints by shortening your traversal distance. 

To use Gnome Gliders, you need to complete the quest “The Grand Tree.” It’s an intermediate quest requiring 25 Agility and the ability to defeat a level 175 demon. However, you can use Ranged or Magic to safespot the demon, making the fight much easier than it sounds. 

You can start “The Grand Tree” by talking to King Narnode Shareen, inside the big tree in the middle of the Gnome Stronghold. This is a quest I would recommend completing as early as possible into a new account, as it unlocks a lot of important travel methods. 


Camelot Teleport

Another method of getting to Catherby in OSRS involves using the Camelot Teleport spell from the normal spellbook. This requires 45 Magic and the proper runes. The spell will take you to the Camelot castle, which is just northwest of Catherby, and also very close to one of the best places to mine coal.


Simply cast the spell, then run a little southeast. Many players choose to use an air staff for this spell, since they count as unlimited air runes. With an air staff equipped, casting Camelot Teleport only costs one law rune. 

Charter Ships

You can also use the Charter Ship system to get to Catherby in Old School RuneScape. Simply speak to the Trader Crewmembers at one of the several applicable ports in the game. They will sail you to Catherby for a varying amount of coins, and can also take you to Port Khazard.

The price of a Charter Ship depends on the in game distance between your origin and your destination. For example, sailing from Musa Point or Brimhaven, the closest in distance, will cost 480 coins. Meanwhile, sailing from Prifddinas or Port Phasmatys will cost 3,560 coins. 


Catherby Teleport

If you have the Lunar Spellbook, you can teleport directly to Catherby with the self-explanatory Catherby Teleport spell. Using the spell requires 87 Magic, and access to the spellbook requires completion of the quest “Lunar Diplomacy.” 

You can start “Lunar Diplomacy” by talking to Lokar Searunner on the westernmost dock in Rellekka. You will need 5 Herblore, 61 Crafting, 40 Defence, 49 Firemaking, 65 Magic, 60 Mining and 55 Woodcutting for “Lunar Diplomacy.”


Several quest requirements are also needed for “Lunar Diplomacy.” They are “The Fremennik Trials,” “Lost City,” “Rune Mysteries,” and “Shilo Village,” which itself requires “Jungle Potion,” and “Druidic Ritual.” 

Kandarin Headgear

Finally, you can use the Kandarin Headgear 3 to teleport to Sherlock once per day, or the Kandarian Headgear 4 for unlimited teleports. Sherlock is the master of the Clue Scrolls, and is located southwest of Catherby. Simply teleport to him and run northeast. 


You can get the Kandarin Headgear 3 from the Kandarin Hard Achievement Diary, and the Kandarin Headgear 4 from the Kandarin Elite Achievement Diary. Both tiers of the Diary have pretty hefty requirements, but the rewards from all Diaries are incredibly useful and worthwhile. 


Getting to Catherby in OSRS can be done using a variety of methods.

The first and simplest is simply to walk there, keeping in mind you’ll have to traverse the slightly dangerous White Wolf Mountain. Completing the quests “Fishing Contest” and “The Grand Tree” will help with this. 

Alternatively, you can use Charter Ships from other docks and ports in the game, as well as a number of useful spells such as Camelot Teleport. If you meet some of the heavier requirements, you can also use Catherby Teleport or the Kandarin Headgear 3 or 4.