Moving house in OSRS is often done for a variety of reasons. For example, players may want their Player-owned House in a specific location that does not have many teleports, such as Relekka. 

This way, players can make these locations significantly more accessible using the Teleport to House spell from the normal spellbook. Alternatively, players may want their house in a place like Hosidius, since the House portal is right next to the Farming patches. 

Regardless of the reasoning for wanting to move house, the process is quite easy, as long as the requirements are met. In this guide, I will demonstrate how to move house in OSRS. 

Estate Agents

Moving house in Old School RuneScape can be done in a few simple steps. The first of these steps is to actually buy a house. This can be done by speaking to an Estate Agent in one of the following cities: Varrock, Falador, East Ardougne, Hosidius, Seer’s Village, and Prifddinas (after Song of the Elves.)


The Estate Agent will charge you 1,000 coins for your first house, which will be located in Rimmington. To move the house, simply speak to an Estate Agent again. It does not have to be the same Estate Agent who sold you the original house. 

Relocate 1

Moving House

There are a number of places you can move house in OSRS to, however, many of them have additional requirements that must be met before you can move there. You will also have to pay an amount of coins for the move. 


With at least level 10 Construction, you can pay 5,000 coins to have your house moved to Taverly, and with at least level 20 Construction, you can move your house to Pollnivneach for 7,500 coins. 

If you have visited Kourend/Zeah before, you can pay 8,750 coins to have your house moved to Hosidius, with at least 25 Construction. At 30 Construction, you can have your house moved to Rellekka for 10,000 coins. 

A Construction level of at least 40 allows you to move your house to Brimhaven for 15,000 coins, while level 50 Construction lets you pay 25,000 coins to move your house to Yanille

Finally, if you have completed the quest ‘Song of the Elves,’ and have 70 Construction (which is required to complete the quest anyway), you can pay 50,000 coins to move your house to Prifddinas. 

Benefits of Moving House

Of course, moving your house also moves the destination of your Teleport to House spell. As mentioned before, this is often used for easier access to areas with limited teleport access, like Brimhaven and Rellekka. 

Alternatively, you can leverage a house in Hosidius for efficient Farming runs, especially herb runs, since the house portal in Hosidius is very close to the Farming patches, and you can take advantage of the various House amenities, such as Restore pools and teleports. 

Final Thoughts

Moving house in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. First, you need to unlock your Player-owned House by speaking to ay Estate Agent and paying 1,000 coins. Then, you can simply speak to them again to have your house moved, provided you have the required Construction level and can pay the fee.