Supercompost in OSRS provides a variety of benefits and efficiency increases when training the Farming skill. Some of these benefits include a reduction in disease chance, additional Farming experience, and an increase in maximum yield. 

Since supercompost provides so much value, most players recommend only using it on the more valuable Farming patches. Generally, players use supercompost on generally valuable harvests, such as higher level herbs, or harvests that give a lot of experience, like watermelons. 

Therefore, using supercompost offers so many benefits that should not be ignored. For these reasons, any players looking to train their Farming skills should learn how to make supercompost in OSRS. 


Making super compost in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. Many of the Farming patches throughout the game have compost bins present. You simply need to fill these bins with fifteen applicable pieces of produce. 


The applicable produce for supercompost includes: pineapples, tenti pineapples, watermelons, papaya fruits, coconuts, coconut shells, half coconuts, dragonfruit, mushrooms, jangerberries, white berries, and poison ivy berries. 

Grimy or clean herbs from Toadflax up to Torstol will also create supercompost, as well as roots from plantable trees, celastrus bark, calquat fruits, white tree fruits, and white lilies. Aside from the roots, most of these items would be very expensive to fill a compost bin with.


Once the bin has been filled with fifteen suitable pieces of produce, close the lid. Now, the produce will start to ferment and decompose within the enclosed bin. This process takes ninety real-world minutes to complete. 


After waiting ninety minutes, you simply need to collect your supercompost from your bins. A full bin will produce 15 buckets of supercompost, so you will need empty buckets to collect your compost. 

Best Locations for Composting

One of the best places to make supercompost in OSRS, in my opinion, is Catherby. The Farming patch in Catherby is very close to the docks, where the charter ship traders are located. These traders typically sell pineapples. 


Simply buy fifteen pineapples from the traders to compost in the bin north of the bank. This way, you can start using supercompost right off the bat instead of farming the produce yourself, which would take a while. 

As a side note, these traders are a very useful transportation system, allowing you to get to Corsair Cove and a number of other important locations.

Another great place to make supercompost in Old School RuneScape is the Farming Guild, since it has a big compost bin. This bin will turn thirty suitable pieces of produce into thirty buckets of supercompost. 


That being said, you must have at least 45 Farming, and 60% Hosidius favor to access the Farming Guild. Fortunately, you can get some Farming experience when working on this favor by pushing and repairing the plows.

Alternative Methods

Additionally, there are a few alternative ways to make supercompost. If you have 22 Herblore, or simply buy some of the Grand Exchange, you can use a compost potion. One dose of the compost potion will upgrade an entire bin of regular compost into supercompost. 

If you have the Lunar Spellbook, you can use the spell Fertile Soil with 83 Magic. Using this spell applies the effects of supercompost to a Farming patch, without actually using a bucket of supercompost. 

Finally, if you have at least 34 Farming and 100% Hosidius favor, you can play the Tithe Farm minigame. You can buy buckets of supercompost from Farmer Gricoller for five reward points each. 


Learning how to make supercompost in OSRS can be done easily.

Simply place fifteen suitable pieces of produce into any of the compost bins around Gielinor, then close the lid.

Once the lid is closed, wait ninety minutes, bring some buckets, and you can harvest your supercompost.