Pokémon Legends: Arceus has many items for players to use throughout their gameplay. From different types of Poké Balls to stones that evolve certain types of Pokémon, items can drastically change the pacing and success rate of something you are trying to achieve in a Pokémon game.

In Pokémon Arceus, the berries play an important role due to how the game changed its focus to researching, capturing, and documenting the many Pokémon of the Hisuian region. You no longer worry about gyms the way you used to in other games. Yet, you do have to worry much more about catching and understanding the wildlife of this title.

Some berries can heal the damage your Pokémon receive during battle, others can remove negative statuses, and there’s even a berry to restore a Pokémon’s PP. On top of all that, berries can be used to attract a Pokémon, so you can more easily hit it with a Pokéball or a Heavy Ball on the back.

Since there are many different types of berries, we decided to put together a guide with all berries in Pokémon Legends: Arceus and what they do.

All Berries in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Berry in the Menu Arceus
Aspear BerryIt removes the frostbite effect from a Pokémon. You might want to have some of these if you are facing ice-type Pokémon.
Cheri BerryThis berry is also used to remove a negative effect from a Pokémon. Cheri berries can be fed to a Pokémon to remove the paralysis effect from it.
Chesto BerryThis item ends a Pokémon’s drowsiness instantly. I always have some in my satchel to deal with the psychic Pokémon that abuse the Hypnosis attack.
Hopo BerryThe Hopo Berry is one of my favorites. It restores a little of the Pokémon’s PP, allowing you to ream and explore for much longer. If you particularly dislike going back to the camp or the village, this berry really helps.
Leppa BerryThis is another berry that restores a Pokémon’s PP. Feeding it to one of your Pokémon will restore 10 PP tone of its moves. Again, this is the kind of item that can prevent you from having to return to camp.
Lum BerryThis berry is the best one when it comes to removing status conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s frostbite, paralysis, or anything else. The Lum Berry will be enough to remove it all.
Nanab BerryThe Nanab Berry is a good healing berry for high health Pokémon because it doesn’t heal a specific number like the Oran Berry. It restores a Pokémon’s HP by up to a third of its max.
Oran Berry This is a simple healing item. Feeding it to a Pokémon will restore 20 of its lost Hit Points. It is very useful at the beginning of the game, and it is pretty easy to find.
Pecha BerryThe Pecha Berry has a very straightforward function. It is a berry that you can feed a poisoned Pokémon in order to cure its poisoning.
Pinap BerryJust like the Nanab Berry, the Pinap Berry restores up to a third of a Pokémon that was fed with it. It also has another function. Wild Pokémon that have eaten the Pinap Berry yield more experience points.
Rawst Berry The Rawst Berry is another of these items that remove a bad status condition. It stops any burn effect on the Pokémon that eats it.
Razz Berry The Razz Berry, is also similar to the Pinap Berry and the Nanab Berry. It restores a Pokémon’s HP up to a third of its max. If you feed it to a wild Pokémon, you also increase your chances of catching it.
Sitrus Berry This is the greatest healing berry in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The Sitrus Berry restores a Pokemon’s HP by up to half of its max value.

Use Berries to Catch Pokémon

On top of feeding them to your Pokémon due to their healing capabilities, berries can also be thrown near wild Pokémon to attract them.

Most wild Pokémon that have not spotted you will go towards a berry that you have thrown. You can use that to reposition the wild Pokémon you want to catch. For instance, you can attract it so your Poké Ball can reach it, or make it turn its back on you so you can hit it with a Heavy Ball — you might want to check our Poké Balls guide to know when to use each.

Also, remember that the Razz Berry will straight up make it easier for you to catch a Pokémon that has eaten it. Other berries can also have unique effects on wild Pokémon that eat them. Hopo berries will dull a Pokémon’s reactions, Nanab Berries will calm it, and a Pinap Berries will make a Pokémon yield more experience points.

Where Can You Find Berries?

Abra Removing Berries from Tree Arceus

Generally speaking, berries are not that hard to find. Whenever you see a tree with fruits, throw a Pokémon near it, and you will get some. You also get some experience.

Using your started Pokémon to catch all the berries at the beginning of the game is an excellent way to evolve your Cyndaquil, Rowlet, or Orshawott fast.

Some berries are harder to find than others, but you can always buy from the Ginkgo Guild Merchants if you want a specific berry.