Are you having trouble making Pokémon obey you? Sometimes we manage to catch that one Pokémon we want, but it just won’t use the attacks we want. It might also happen that suddenly, your first Pokémon stopped taking commands from you, often after evolving.

That also happened to Ash when Charmander evolved, but Charmeleon’s disobedience in the cartoon represented something that has happened since the first game. Sometimes, a Pokémon might stop doing what you want. If a Pokémon might not respect you enough to follow your orders, the question is, what can you do to fix that?

In older games of the franchise, having the respect and obedience of a high-level Pokémon was a matter of proving yourself against gym leaders. The more badges you had, the more reliably higher-level Pokémon would obey you. However, there are no gyms in this game, so what should you do?

Don’t worry. If your Pokémon has stopped obeying you, we can help you fix it. This guide will let you know precisely how to make Pokémon obey you in Legends: Arceus.

Rank Up to Make Pokémon Obey You

In order to make Pokémon obey your commands, you must understand how star ranks work in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. That’s because raising your Star Rank is how you make Pokémon follow your orders reliably in this game.

Powerful Pokémon will obey you as you rank up, so if your team is not doing what you tell them, you might want to rank up fast.

Your Star Rank goes up as you gain research points throughout your quest. Those points come from catching Pokémon, defeating enemies, and completing other tasks that you can find in your Pokédex. The higher your rank, the stronger Pokémon you’ll be able to add to your main team.

This is especially interesting when you manage to capture a rampaging Alpha or a rare Pokémon in a time distortion. Since those Pokémon are often stronger than what you usually see throughout the game, they will require higher star ranks for you to command them reliably.

I have a simple tip that will let you know what to worry about Star Ranks. If the battles are no longer a challenge and you start easily winning most fights against wild Pokémon, go back to doing the tasks in the Pokédex.

I get that sometimes players want high-level Pokémon before doing anything, which is why I developed a way to level up Pokémon quickly so I could make Pokémon of other types one-shot enemies my Typhlosion wasn’t able to.

However, I did my best to get as many stars as possible in the first area. That way, I also avoided having a powerful, disobedient high-level Pokémon. Now I get to enjoy the main storyline without having to worry too much about rival trainers, boss fights, or even random dangerous wild Pokémon.

Final Thoughts

Pokémon Legends: Arceus brings a new form of progression that doesn’t consist of the same old formula used by so many Pokémon games that came before it.

Turns out this was a great choice that fits the plot of this game much better than 8 gyms and an Elite Four ever would.

It is also a way for you to get to know more Pokémon and see the rich content of the game. Considering that you are pretty much obligated to study the wildlife in order to progress, you also familiarize yourself with Pokémon types, species, special attacks, and more. That way, you do get to feel like you are actually filling in a Pokédex, much more like the main character of the game,

Getting those star ranks up was a lot of fun to me, and it does more than make your Pokémon obey you throughout the game. Star ranks also grant you new recipes and make you earn more Pokédolars per Pokémon you catch. With time, you can just craft Great Balls and Ultra balls to throw at high-level Pokémon without grinding too much, which I personally like a lot.

After they are already high level, I can go for some rare candy to get them ready for the end game. There are tricks to make your Pokémon level up faster, by you do need to make them obey you first anyway, so follow our tips and catch’em all!