Knowing how to change your Pokemon or Pokemon Party is an incredibly important part of succeeding with battles and the Pokedex in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect type matchup for a boss fight or you’re looking to complete some extra Pokedex tasks, you’re going to need to be able to switch up your party while you’re on the go. The mechanic to do so is a little confusing at first, so I’ll be walking through how to do it in this guide.

There are two key methods of changing your Pokemon in Legends: Arceus.

You can change your Pokemon party in the field by using a camp, or by heading home and doing it in Jubilife Village. Each option provides you with the same tools, so it just depends on where you are in the world.

Changing Pokemon at a Camp

Changing your Pokemon party while in the field and dealing with wild Pokemon is a lot quicker than you first might think. Instead of having to run home and do it in the village, you can head back to your nearest camp and speak to one of the NPCs to access the Pastures.

If you’re not near a camp, remember you can fast travel by opening the Arc Phone and selecting the camp icon with the map cursor. This’ll save you the journey back, and help you access your Pokemon party options much quicker.

Once you’re at the camp, speak to the Galaxy member NPC. You’ll usually find them by the tent, and they’re always wearing the typical red outfit.

When speaking to this NPC, scroll down the menu and pick ‘I want to see my Pokemon’ to access the Pastures feature. The Pastures feature in this game is pretty much the equivalent to the Pokemon boxes.

This’ll take you to the screen where you can change your Pokemon party and access all the Pokemon that you’ve already caught. If you can’t see the Pokemon that you want to add to your party, hit R as they may be in the next Pasture over. You can also press + to see all the Pastures at once.

If you’ve played any Pokemon games before, you’ll be very familiar with the mechanics here.

You can move your Pokemon in and out of your party as you please, and check summaries for more information about each individual Pokemon. It’s a great place to learn more about your Pokemon types, and what moves they’ve currently got in their roster.

You can also change their markings, move sets and name, too. It’s a handy screen and can be accessed from any camp that you end up at in the game. There’s also the option to release any Pokemon that you’d like to send back to the wild.

Changing Pokemon in Jubilife Village

It’s not just the camps that offer access to the Pasture feature, either. If you’re in Jubilife Village, you can head directly to the Pastures and access the same features.

Here’s a screenshot of where it’s located on the map.

All you need to do is return to Jubilife Village and come out of the main gate. Then, turn left and head over the bridge to get there. From there, you’ll see an NPC outside called Marie.

Simply speak to Marie, and you’ll be able to access the same Pastures screen as the one that you can access from a regular camp.

If you walk alongside the area, you’ll be able to see the Pokemon that you’ve caught hanging out together. It’s a small feature but I absolutely love it. Seeing my Eevee taking a nap in the sunshine and my Munchlax walking around looking for snacks is simply adorable.