One of my favorite things about playing any Pokemon game is looking through the Pokedex and tracking down rare spawns and iconic Pokemon from the show.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is packed full of fan favorites and iconic legendary Pokemon, and this has been keeping me occupied well past the main campaign. I recently managed to track down another one of my favorite electric Pokemon, right after figuring out how to catch a Pichu in Pokemon Legends.

If you’ve been wondering where to catch a Pikachu in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, I’ve pulled together a quick and easy guide to help you out. Pikachu is technically a rare spawn, but is definitely one of the easier rares to find and catch in this game.

Where to Find Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the most iconic characters in the entire Pokemon franchise, and you’ll find Ash’s Pikachu adorning almost any merch, art or game covers that Nintendo puts out.

Pikachu is also a brilliant Pokemon to have on your team, which is great as you can find one very early into the game. As some of you with a keen eye will have already spotted, Pikachu is a rare spawn that can be found within the Obsidian Fieldlands starting zone of the game. This means that the Pikachus you can find are at a low level and are very easy to catch.

It’s worth noting that Pikachu can also be found in the Crimson Mirelands, near the Golden Lowlands. I’ve suggested going for the Obsidian Fieldlands area as I had the most luck there, but it could be worth hopping over to the Golden Lowlands if you can’t find one here.

The particular area where you’ll be able to get your hands on a Pikachu in the Obsidian Fieldlands is right near the Nature’s Pantry area. I’ve included a screenshot below of where I found my first Pikachu, so you can fast travel over there and find one quickly.

It’s important to point out that Pikachu seems to only spawn in the daytime, so do make sure that you’ve changed over the time if need be. As a quick reminder, you can alter the in-game time by heading back to the nearest camp and selecting the ‘rest’ option on the tent.

This allows you to time travel and locate any Pokemon/Request objects that have time-based requirements. It’s also a great way to quickly heal up your party of Pokemon and ensure that none of them have any status conditions that’ll hinder your ability to catch or battle.

Ironically, I managed to find another Pikachu on my way back to camp after finding my first one. If you’re having no luck at the location I’ve suggested on the map above, try scouting around and battling a few nearby Pokemon to prompt the game.

If you’re still having no luck finding a Pikachu, I would suggest hopping over to YouTube and looking up what a Pikachu cry sounds like. Then, turn your volume up and run around for a while until you hear it. Tracking down Pokemon by their cry is how I’ve found most of my rare spawns so far, and it could be a great technique for you to try out, too.

Remember to try and save yourself some time by sneaking when you find a Pikachu. You get bonus points for a back strike (throwing a Pokeball at a Pokemon’s back) when you turn in your Pokedex research missions to the Professor, and it can help to make the process a lot quicker.

If you do end up fighting Pikachu, remember not to open with a flying or water Pokemon as they’ll get struggle with the electric type moves. Ground type moves are always a safe bet when battling an electric type Pokemon, so pop one on your team before you head out.

If your Pokemon are too high level for low level catches, try using a DOT move that poisons them so that the damage you do doesn’t remove your chance to catch the Pokemon. I recently evolved a Gengar in Pokemon Legends for my team that uses Poison Gas. This move does no immediate damage but applies the poison tag, which means I can battle lower level Pokemon that I want to catch without losing them.