Solo Pokemon players have always had it a little rough when it comes to completing the Pokedex in the past. Some Pokemon could only be obtained via trading with friends, and this could be a right pain if you were playing through the game by yourself without a spare console to hand.

Luckily, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has put in a nice work-around for solo players.

If you’re a fan of spooky Pokemon and you’re a solo player, chances are that you’ve been wondering how to get Gengar in Pokemon Legends: Arceus without having to have someone else on hand to trade with. Here’s a quick and easy way to get Gengar for your team today.

Get Yourself a Gastly

You’ll need to have a Gastly to hand if you want to get a Gengar, as this is the starting Pokemon in the evolution chain. These creepy but cute Pokemon come out at night, and can be found easily by heading to Crimson Mirelands, Coronet Highlands or Alabaster Icelands.

My personal favorite place to find a Gastly when I need one is in Crimson Mirelands, right by the camp. Take a look at the screenshot below to find it on your map if needed.

In my opinion, this is the best spot to head to as there are lots of low-level Gastlys milling about in that area. They tend to be pretty aggressive, so try sneaking up on them when they’re not looking and throwing a Pokeball to get bonus points for a back strike.

It’s important to note that you will usually only find Gastly when it’s dark out. If you need to change the time of day, head back to the camp and click on the tent. Here, click on the rest option and select ‘until nightfall’ to make sure that you can find the right Pokemon. They can appear in the daytime, but it’s much more common to see them at night.

Level Up Your Gastly

Once you’ve got yourself a sentient ball of gas, it’s time to get levelling.

To level up your Gastly quickly, make sure to battle with it and use it in as many of the main storyline fights as possible. Boss fights and fights against rivals drop a lot of experience points, and they’ll be spread throughout your whole team, too. You could also try battling some Alpha Pokemon to get an extra boost of experience points.

To get additional experience points, keep using the Gastly to break down tumblestones, shake trees and gather materials in the world. The quantity of experience points may seem smaller in comparison, but they will consistently stack up and boost your levelling experience.

Gastly levels up at level 25, into Haunter, so the levelling process shouldn’t take too long.

Haunter is a great Pokemon to have on your team, and can work well in boss fights. I like opening a fight with a Haunter so I can use a poison move on my opponent and get a DOT applied instantly.

If you’d rather skip this step, it is possible to find a Haunter in game and ready to catch. Head to the same locations as before, but push further into the map. For example, you’ll be able to snag a Haunter at Cottonsedge Prairie in Crimson Mirelands.

Stock Up on Merit Points

Once your team has been sufficiently haunted, it’s time to get a bucket load of merit points. You’ll need these to carry out the next step and get the required item to evolve Haunter into Gengar.

To get merit points, you’ll need to locate other player’s lost property in the field. There will be a number of satchels scattered about randomly in the world, and they can be picked up like any other item. To find them, look for the satchel icon on your map and use the pin feature to get a guide if needed.

Once you’ve found the satchel and pressed A, it’ll go to the lost and found tab in your own satchel. Press the up button and scroll to the third tab. The icon looks like a wi-fi signal.

Then, hit the lost and found tab and hand in the lost satchels by selecting them in the menu. You’ll get the merit points, and can even get bonus items like candies or evolution stones. The satchels that you can hand in will have a yellow exclamation point next to them.

The amount of merit points that you’ll get per satchel will vary from 50-100 on average. You need 1000 merit points for the next step, so I’d recommend gathering up as many as you can find in your current location before you sit and turn them all in.

Purchase a Linking Cord

The item that you’ll need to purchase with your merit points for this evolution is a linking cord, which can be found at the merit point trading vendor in Jubilife Village. She’s called Simona, and can be found at her stall just outside of the training grounds area.

Here’s a screenshot of the map to help you find her quickly.

There are lots of evolution items for sale at this stall, and most of them come in at the same price of 1000 merit points. The one you need is all the way at the bottom, so scroll down.

Again, if you’d rather skip this step, you can actually grab a linking cord from a request.

Request number 64 ‘ Getting to Know Ghosts ‘ involves completing the Pokedex entry for Gastly, and showing it to a village named Ward. If you’re having some trouble finding the lost property and getting your merit points, this is another viable way to get the correct item.

Here’s a screenshot of what Ward looks like, so you can find him when needed.

You’ll find him here on the map. If you’re heading out of the main Galaxy Hall building, simply carry on straight and head towards the bridge in front of you to find him.

Evolve as normal

The last step is to simply use the linking cord in your inventory on your Haunter, as you would with any other evolutionary item. It’ll take you to the same evolution screens as a regular evolution, and will instantly use up the linking cord item.

Just go into your satchel, select the item and select your Haunter, then kickstart the evolution process.