If you’re a dedicated Pokemon trainer, you’ve probably heard the term Shiny Pokemon thrown around from time to time.

Shiny Pokémon are an incredibly rare variant of Pokémon that have different coloring than the regular versions of themselves. As such, they are highly sought after by collectors and gamers alike.

However, obtaining a Shiny Pokémon isn’t easy. It requires you to be stubborn, persistent, and lucky since they might never up even if you beat the game. The odds of just bumping into a shiny Pokémon are, although not impossible, incredibly low.

Fortunately, there is a way to significantly increase your chances. This guide will teach you how to catch shiny Pokémon in Legends: Arceus. Our method has been tried, confirmed, and worked well so far. Just follow our tips, and you should have many Shiny Pokémon to brag about!

Use Mass Outbreaks to Catch a Shiny

Honestly, the only way to find a shiny Pokémon is to look for them until one shows up. It’s rare, but sometimes a Pokémon will have a different color scheme. The odds of finding them are 1 in 4096.

Although it seems bad, seeing a shiny in is twice more likely to happen in Pokémon Legends: Arceus than in older games of the franchise.

However, there’s a new mechanic in Pokémon Legends: Arceus that significantly changes those odds, the outbreaks.

When you are leaving the Jublife Village, a guard might tell you to be careful because there is a mass outbreak going on. Once you are choosing where to go, you might see a Pokémon icon on the map.

That icon indicates where the mass outbreak is happening and what species is there. For instance, if you see an icon with a Starly, it means that there will be many Starly roaming in that region. Due to an increased quantity of Pokémon, your chances of seeing a Shiny increase.

However, there’s more to mass outbreaks than the number of Pokémon of the same species in a single area. The chances of seeing a shiny change in that area. For instance, during a Starly outbreak, the odds of seeing a shiny Starly are 1 in 158. That’s 25 more likely than bumping into a shiny outside a mass outbreak area!

Be Ready To Catch Your Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon sometimes don’t look that different. They might be light brown instead of dark brown, and you might not notice if you aren’t paying attention.

Some players don’t care much about catching a shiny, but if you do, you should actively look for them to avoid accidentally losing your chance. Some Pokémon can be easily defeated with a single hit, others can run away quickly, and you’ll never see them again.

For that reason, mass outbreaks are the best place to look for shinies. Your mind is already set, and you know what you are looking for, but you better have all you need to catch the Pokémon you want.

Knowing what berries do and when to use them might be quite helpful. It’s also a good idea to check a Poké Ball Guide, so you know the most effective ways of catching the rare Pokémon you want. You will significantly increase your chances if you are ready for when one of those show up.

Final Thoughts

Shiny Pokémon might look cooler, and they might be rare, but they are just the same creatures with a different color scheme. It’s cool to have them, but it’s nothing you should worry too much about if you don’t.

However, if having a different-looking team member is something you want, following our tips here will ensure that you get a shiny Pokémon pretty fast.

It seems that mass outbreaks tend to happen more often when you have already finished the main story. If you just want to have a shiny and don’t mind waiting, finish the game first and check the mass outbreak areas.

However, if you want to play through the game with a shiny in your team, you might want to hit those mass outbreak areas every time the Jublife Village guard lets you know about them.

If there are no outbreaks going on, you can go to a different area, return to the village, and then try leaving again until the guard warns you about it. Although it might seem that you’ll be grinding for a long time, Pokémon Legends: Arceus made it is so much easier than it ever was to find a shiny, so just do as we taught, and you should get what you want.