Leveling up Pokémon makes them more powerful and can also grant them new moves. It is also the best way to safely navigate the world map. 

Since Pokémon Legends: Arceus has wild Pokémon as a danger to the trainer you play, having a powerful Pokémon is crucial to defend yourself from random threats.

There are Pokémon that might start running at you out of nowhere. It can become especially tricky if they surround you. Being knocked out by a wild Pokémon will cause you to lose items, and I’m sure you don’t want to lose your great balls and rare berries.

If you’re looking to level up your team of Pokémon quickly in the game Pokémon Legends: Arceus, there are several things you can do to make this happen faster.

Whether you’re new to the game or have been playing for a while and just want some tips on speeding up your progress, here are some helpful pointers and trips that will teach you how to level up Pokémon quickly in Legends: Arceus.

How to Gain Experience Points Quickly

3 Pokemon leveled up

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, there are things besides battling that can help you level up your Pokémon. Things like shaking trees, breaking rocks, and capturing Pokémon will grant experience points to the 6 members of your team.

Although the Pokémon you use for a task gains a more significant amount of experience points, all of them get a decent amount, too. That’s one of the things we’re going to use to boost your levels early in the game.

Your first goal will be to have a single Pokémon at a higher level than all the others. The way you do that is by choosing which one you want to be stronger first, then you use that one to break rocks, shake trees, and defeat weaker Pokémon to help you rank up fast. This is also an excellent way to evolve your starter pokémon quickly.

Ideally, you will look for an area where there are many strong Pokémon. Not too strong since you must be able to defeat them, but they certainly must be of a higher level than yours. Otherwise, this tip will not work.

The stronger wild Pokémon you need to find must be of a type that is weak to your most powerful one. For instance, I captured a Geodude and farmed a bunch of experience points by quickly defeating every single Shinx and Luxio that I could find.

My Geodude was able to battle electric Pokémon that were 5 levels higher. By doing that, not only was Geodude getting a lot of experience but so were all the other Pokémon on my team. After a while, I had a level 26 Graveller dealing with electric Pokémon at levels 30 to 40.

Best Places to Farm

This will depend on the region that you are in and the level of your Pokémon. If you want to reach level 20, the first area works just fine. Fight all you see, shake a bunch of trees, and stick to it until you get where you want. Honestly, it doesn’t take that long.

From then, you can head down to the Sandgem Flats area to fight Pokémon that are level 20 to 40 even. That’s where you will find the more dangerous Luxious, and you can easily get your Pokémon to level 30 there.

Each time you visit a new region, you should just repeat the process of finding the higher-level Pokémon that you can defeat easily while carrying a bunch of weaker Pokémon in your team. The results will be easy to achieve if you follow our tips. 

You might want to have Pokémon of various different types so you can just circle around higher-level areas and always have an option to beat higher-level wild Pokémon that you find when exploring.

Use Exp. Candy

This sounds simple enough, right? When you feed an Exp. Candy to a Pokémon, it gains experience points. The best kind of candy will straight up add a level to the Pokémon that eats it, meaning that it’s especially good for those high-level members of your team.

Although there might be a few different ways to get candies, a reliable way is to defeat an Alpha Pokémon. Alpha Chansey is known for dropping more than one candy, making it a perfect target for farming. Once you defeat the alpha and take the item you want, return to the Jublife Village before going after the same alpha again.

You can combine both the rare candy method and exploiting matchups and counters as described above. For instance, I used my Floatzel do defeat Alpha Rapidesh with Water type attacks to get a candy and provide a lot of experience to my team as well.

That way, you can get experience for the Pokémon you carry and use the candies to level up the Pokémon that you are not currently in your team.

I like to open the minimap and mark where I found the Alphas, then I bring my Pokémon that can defeat them because of their type. I run around, visiting each spot, take the candy, then I return to the village, but it might take a while and some knowledge of each region for you to craft a team that can do this effectively.

Final Thoughts

Alpha Rapidesh defeated Arceus 1

Obviously, leveling up fast is a matter of finding a way to gain vast amounts of experience points at once and then sharing with among all your Pokémon. The two things that can do it quickly are candies, for a single Pokémon, or battling a higher level wild enemy that will award experience to your entire team.

Although fighting higher-level Pokémon seems quite straightforward, it usually means that your Pokémon will be knocked out in a single hit. It can be avoided, though, but you need to know the weaknesses and strengths of each Pokémon type.

By doing so, you’re ensuring that your own Pokémon survives a battle against a wild one that is higher-level, which will award many experience points to your entire party, making them all level up quite quickly.

Doing that will make your team learn attacks quickly, evolve faster, and make you run around safer while trying to rank up. However, you better know how star ranks work before getting your Pokémon to such a high level that it’ll not obey you anymore.