Dusclops is a Ghost-type Pokémon. It evolves from Duskull, and its final form is the mighty Dusknoir. Its Pokédex entry says Dusclops’ body is hollow. Once it opens its mouth, it swallows everything as if it was a black hole.

Dusclops was first introduced in Generation III and has been in every generation up to generation VII. It’s a reasonably known Pokémon, although it is not that popular due to being considered weak in its previous appearances.

However, it seems that its stats and viability might have changed significantly over time, especially considering it has a powerful evolution.

Dusclops can be pretty hard to catch in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, mostly due to the need for a precise location and moment to make it work.

That caused me to run around a long time looking for a Dusclops until I finally gave up and evolved the Duskull that I had for one of the quests, but there is a much easier way.

Don’t worry. If you are trying to complete the request that will allow you to continue the main storyline, we’re here to help. You will need to know how to catch Dusclops in Pokémon Legends: Arceus to make food for Basculegion, and we’re about to teach you how to do it.

How to Catch Dusclops

There are two different ways to make this work. You can catch a Duskull and evolve it, or you can try your luck and catch a Dusclops a bit further from where Duskulls hang out.

Both can be located at Sand’s Reach, the area to the south of Cobalt Coastlands that looks like a Hand. However, Duskulls hang out near the shores, and Duskulls stay close to the ships.

Both of them can be found only during nighttime, but there is a camp in this area so you can just rest until nightfall.

If you capture a Duskull, you will have to level it up until it becomes a Dusclops. Unfortunately, Duskull is a Pokémon that takes a while to evolve.

In order to turn a Duskull into a Dusclops, you will need to make it reach level 37. There are many ways to level up fast in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, so it shouldn’t be that much trouble. There are powerful enemies in the same area that can help you with that.

If you don’t have the time or patience to evolve a Duskull, you can try catching a Dusclops. This will be much harder since they are aggressive and usually surrounded by equally aggressive Drifblim.

Balters Lagoon

You will have to look for it between the ships in Sand’s Reach. I don’t recommend fighting the Drifblim because the Pokémon in this area tend to group up and fight you. You might get knocked trying to get close to Dusclops or spend a lot of items to heal your partners.

I prefer going with Razz Berries, Leaden Balls, and smoke bombs. In order to have access to better Poké Ball, such as Leaden Balls or even Ultra Balls, you might want to rank up fast.

The smoke bomb and better Poké Balls will let you position yourself to hit all Pokémon in the back with the right capture item, making it much easier to clear the area so you can focus on Dusclops.

I use the same method with him, approaching from tall grass or smoke and using a Leaden Ball or an Ultra Ball when it’s looking away.

Once Dusclops is captured, you can go back to the quest location marked in your map to make food for Basculegion.

How to Evolve Dusclops into Dusknoir

If you like your Dusclops and you want to evolve it, you might notice real soon that leveling it up doesn’t work.

In order to Evolve your Dusclops, all you need is to give it an item called Reaper Cloth. This is a rare item that can be found within Space-Time distortions, but you can also purchase it with Merit Points.

You don’t need to evolve a Dusclops if you want a Dusknoir. There are places where you can find this Pokémon. They are the Sacred Plaza at Coronet Highlands, space-time distortions, or you can also try your luck fighting the level 65 Alpha Dusknoir at Deadwood Haunt.

Final Thoughts

Dusclops spawn in a specific location within Sand’s Reach, only during nighttime. If you are not very familiar with Pokémon, like me, there is a chance you will be roaming around without knowing how to catch this ghost-type creature.

Dusclops will be right between the ships in the hand-like area to the south of Cobalt Coastlands. Just open your map, place a flag in the hand and go for it.

If you follow our guide, it should be reasonably easy to get a Dusknoir, and hopefully, you won’t have been walking around aimlessly for too long like I was.