You might have encountered objectives where you need to complete research projects to progress your campus’ star rating.

Research projects are often overlooked, but there are a lot of things you can benefit from by doing them.

Here are all the things you need to know on how to complete research projects in Two Point Campus, including what you get from it and how to be more efficient.

What is a Research Project? 

Upgrading Items

Research projects are performed in order to improve the quality of education you provide to your students. Some research projects allow you to upgrade items and help students learn better.

All of these research projects continue to your other playthroughs, so you do not have to upgrade them every time you play a new campus.

If you end up researching every single project for upgrading, there are other research projects available. These other research projects will reward you with Kudosh, money, or other things. You can earn money fast by researching money projects at the start of your playthrough.

What are Research Points? 

Research points are points you generate while doing a research project. Before you start a research project, you will be able to see how many research points you will need before completing this. 

Earning research points is also one of the objectives that you will encounter when playing the game. 

What Are the Benefits of a Research Project? 

Research Hub Upgrade

Doing research projects allows you to increase the quality of your education to your students. Think of it as if you’re writing more chapters in a book. You get to expound more on the course, giving students wider knowledge on the subject. 

Researching to upgrade the items in your classes is the best way to improve the grades of your students. You still need a decent teacher with a high skill level to teach the course, but the quality of your education will increase multiplicatively.

Some research projects can also be seen as an investment. While you will have to spend money on research projects with the maintenance, these will earn you money and Kudosh once completed.

For example, completing a Commercial Research will earn you as much as $50,000. This will immediately give you a return on investment and additional profits. 

How to Start a Research Project 

Research Lab Start Project 1

This is only possible once you have completed a research lab room and you are on the 3rd campus in the campaign.

Start building and designing your own research lab room with a research hub. Afterward, you can start a new project and wait for the research to be done.

A teacher can be assigned to the room in order to run the project. If you didn’t assign anyone, the first teacher available would be the one finishing the project.

If you have no teachers available, the research project will be on hold until an idle teacher goes to the research hub.

Researching Projects

The teachers will always prioritize the classes they are assigned to. Private tutor sessions are also prioritized more. However, you can manually assign a teacher to work on researching the project for you.

There are some projects that will require teachers with specific qualifications. If you don’t have this, you may train your staff or hire a new one instead.

A teacher with research skills will speed up the research project. We recommend assigning a teacher with high-level research skills to the research lab so that points can be generated faster. 

Every time you start a research project, you will be charged a greenlight fee. You have to take this into consideration when budgeting. You can focus on the subjects that you run the most so that you are sure to get your return on investment. 

When the school year has ended, ongoing research projects will be halted until the next year begins. 

The good thing about this is that all research projects done will be carried over to the next campus. Once you have finished the campaign and you start playing on sandbox mode, you only have to think about researching for profits.