Kudosh is a special currency that can be earned in various ways. It can be a bit frustrating at times when you want to buy something but do not have enough Kudosh to purchase the item.

You end up playing casually and end up with only a bit of Kudosh after a full academic year.

Do not worry because Kudosh is easy to get. You only need to know how to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus, so you can focus on these aspects of the game more and expand your university faster.

In this guide, we will talk about everything Kudosh – every single way of getting them, what you can do with them, and how to be more efficient with all the spending.

What Are Kudosh?

As just mentioned, Kudosh is a special currency in Two Point Campus. You can use them to unlock specific items and make them available for purchase (with in-game money or the main currency).

There are a ton of items available in the game. You will have to unlock each one by spending Kudosh in the building mode.

Every campus will introduce more and more items to unlock, so you will need a ton of Kudosh to help give you more options in decorating, keeping your students happier, and a lot of other things.

Benefits of Earning Kudosh

Kudosh Unlocking Items

The benefits of earning Kudosh solely rely on everything you can unlock with it.

Since you can get to unlock items that improve the overall quality of your campus, Kudosh is essential to your success.

You can pick out any item you want, whether it is for decoration, hygiene, entertainment, and other needs.

Obviously, you would want to refrain from spending every Kudosh every time because you might end up with some objectives that require you to unlock something and place it on the campus.

Different Ways of Getting Kudosh

Kudosh is an extremely useful currency, and there are a variety of ways to earn them. It can be given in small quantities except for some specific methods.

However, you should be a bit wiser when you spend Kudosh because while it is easy to get, you will be tempted to buy a lot of things with it.

Leveling Your Campus

3 Star Campus Freshleigh

Leveling your campus from 1-star to 2-star and from 2-star to 3-star will each give you a big chunk of Kudosh. However, you can only receive this twice in a playthrough, so it isn’t really a consistent way of getting Kudosh.

You can level your campus’ star rating up by completing all the objectives. Once you have completed them all, you will get your star rating up after the academic year is finished.

Scheduled Events

Kudosh Event Rewards

In Piazza Lanatra, you will be introduced to scheduling events in specific rooms. For example, you can host parties in Student Union rooms, film viewing in the Lecture room, or cooking competitions inside the Savory Kitchen rooms.

Some students might request any of these events, and it will be counted as a personal goal objective.

Apart from satisfying a personal goal, you can get a small monetary reward, and some Kudosh from specific events, such as one of your students wins the cooking competition you hosted.


Kudosh Promotion Result

On some occasions, you will encounter a mail in your inbox that offers you Kudosh and money in exchange for promoting their brand on your campus.

These are easy ways of getting Kudosh because you only have to accept the promotion. It could be a mascot selling their food on your campus.

You will get a report at the end of the promotion of how successful their campaign was, and you will end up with the rewards.

Career Goals

Kudosh Career Goals Objective

Career goals are short and long objectives that reward you with a ton of Kudosh. Each career goal increases the milestone objective once completed.

The more difficult the milestone or objective you have finished, the higher your rewards are going to be. Since there are a ton of career goals or milestones to memorize, you can just open up the career goals tab and check them whenever.

Research Projects

Research projects are allocated to teachers in the research lab. Once they finish their research projects, you will be rewarded.

However, only some of the research projects give you Kudosh when completed. It might not sound consistent, but if you focus on maximizing these projects, you will end up with a lot of Kudosh in the long run.

Accepting New Applicants

Kudosh New Applicant

Random guests or visitors will frequent your campus from time to time. They will check if the university is up to their standards and try to enroll if they enjoyed their stay.

You do not have to worry about impressing these guests and just focus on building the best campus. Once they leave, you may get a message in your inbox that there are some new applicants for your university.

You can choose to accept or reject them. If you accept them, you will gain a bit of Kudosh. If not, I mean, why not? It is free Kudosh.

Completing Objectives

Kudosh Small Objective

On the upper-right side of your screen, you will see your current objectives. There can also be a pop-up panel below that shows a suggestion box with a few small objectives under it.

Completing these small objectives will give you some Kudosh. This method is not consistent as well because there can be times that you will not see one throughout an academic year.

End of the Academic Year

Academic Excellence Award

The end of the academic year always gives you your own grade for running the campus. If you successfully earn end-of-the-year awards, you can get a small chunk of Kudosh and a bit of money as a reward.

There are a few awards you can get at the end of the year, such as the Campus of the Year award and the Academic Excellence award. These awards can all be achieved yearly, and the rewards will stack up.

Make sure to keep your campus running as smoothly as possible to reap the rewards. Remember, decorating in Two Point Campus is as important as the operational tasks. You will get rewarded for it.

Paperback Bookworms

This is quite possibly the weirdest way of earning Kudosh, but if you see worms pop out from the ground outside the campus, click them, and you can earn some Kudosh.

What to Buy With Kudosh

Since there are many ways to earn Kudosh and even more ways to spend it, you would want to be a bit thrifty at the start.

If you receive requests or personal goals from your staff members or students, make sure you aren’t spending a ton of Kudos just to satisfy a few.

For example, some students might request a Crazy Taxi Machine, which costs a ton of Kudos to unlock. You can ignore these requests first because you will encounter a lot more requests in the future.

You can actually see the number of people interested in these requests in the mail. If you feel like it is worth the Kudosh to unlock an item and satisfy the “X” number of people, you can go ahead and unlock it.

These strategies are completely up to you if you want to follow them or not. After all, it is a simulation game. You should have full control over what you want to unlock and design your campus with.

Just remember to save a few Kudosh in the bag. If you earn more Campus Points, you will offer new courses to the students. Once you offer new courses, you need to expand and add more rooms.

Once you expand your campus and add a variety of rooms, these staff members or students might request locked items needed for the betterment of their education as well.

You would want to have some Kudosh saved up for these situations.