Things can get extremely hectic in Two Point Campus, with a lot of stuff going on at all times.

As you’re constantly being asked to fulfill challenges and adhere to your students’ needs, it can be easy to fail to utilize all of the features at your fingertips.

So, in this guide, I’m going to be sharing with you a range of Two Point Campus tips for improving your success in the game.

Whether you’re looking for beginner tips for Two Point Campus or if you’re looking for something to take your gameplay to the next level, there should be something for you here.

1. Focus on one course

two point campus courses

Tip number one is to focus on one course at a time and specialize in it.

If you try to expand your campus too quickly with multiple courses, you’re going to run out of room in your building for different rooms that you’ll need as you progress. Each course has at least one unique specific building requirement to let it run – some require even more.

In the early game, you physically won’t have space to run more than one course.

If you’re looking to 3-star a specific campus, your best bet is to strictly follow the aims of that University. For example, if the goal is to develop chefs then only focus on levelling up the quality of your cooking tuition. Don’t offer other courses.

2. 1-star each campus, move on, return later

two point campus 3 star

The second tip is to get one star on each campus, move on, then return to get three stars later.

The reason for this is because you unlock new buildings at new campuses, such as Training Rooms or Research Rooms, that allow you to develop staff and improve your University – and they’re backwards compatible, meaning you can use them in the first campus even if you unlocked them afterwards.

By rushing forward to unlock everything, you can return to 3-star each campus a little more easily.

However, if you’re a total beginner, you might find it a better learning experience if you do focus on getting three stars before moving on.

3. Build relationships between students

two point campus relationships

As soon as your game begins, you should be putting effort into developing student relationships.

Whether you’re developing romantic connections in Two Point Campus or just friendships, your campus will benefit regardless. It will increase student happiness and make them less likely to drop out or flunk their exams.

To develop relationships, purchase love benches, love trees, park benches, two player arcade games and other activities such as clubs and dart boards for students to use together. Water coolers are a good option that are inexpensive in terms of cost and space.

It might seem a little bit pointless to do this at first, but it definitely helps build grades up in the long run, so it’s well worth doing from the start.

Also, when you first start the game and can’t really afford a Student Union, there aren’t that many ways to increase happiness aside from providing a good sized dormitory and maybe throwing in a couple of arcade games to play, so this is definitely something you want to be taking advantage of.

4. Hire the best staff you can

two point staff

Hiring the best staff – where you can afford it – is typically a very good use of your budget.

The number of qualifications each member of staff has dictates their salary. Staff will also have positive and negative traits.

You should try to hire the members of staff with the highest qualifications for the role you’re hiring for, and you should try to prioritize those with positive traits where possible. Sometimes you’re going to need to hire staff with bad hygiene, but avoid it where you have the luxury of doing so.

You have the option of training staff to be more qualified via the Training Room, but this takes time and they can’t teach whilst this is taking place.

Once trained, they’ll gain a higher salary anyway, so it’s best to just pay upfront where budget allows.

5. Maximize prestige in each room

two point campus room prestige

Tip number five is to maximize the prestige of each room as you go. You don’t need to fully maximize it in terms of getting every room to level 10, but do what you can within your space constraints to ensure each room is at least at a good level.

You can add in a bunch of items, whether it be posters, rugs, bookshelves, plants, and more.

Anything you place in that room will increase its prestige level. Posters and windows are good ones to use as they take up almost no space whatsoever and you can still put items in front of them on the ground.

In the bigger rooms like laboratories, you’ll want to place down facilities that will help with that learning area. Even if you repeat items it will still increase the room prestige as it provides more areas for students to work, albeit with diminishing returns.

6. Make private tuition rooms

two point campus private tuition

Private Tuition is a room that you unlock in the second location, Piazza Lanatra, and will really help your students bump up their grades.

From my experience, after you’ve been introduced to this room, the game won’t require you to place one down in new areas, but if you don’t, your students will start to complain and request one, so it’s better to put one in there from the start.

They don’t have to be big rooms by any means and won’t cost you a lot of money as a result.

The benefit you’ll get from these is that overall grades will rise and you’ll be more likely to win awards at the end of the year.

These awards give you both money and Kudosh, so it’s well worth including these rooms around your campus.

7. Schedule regular parties

two point campus parties

To keep student satisfaction high, you don’t want everything to be about learning – so make use of scheduled events like parties and concerts in your Student Union.

The benefit of these is that your students can relax and enjoy themselves, which heightens their happiness and will improve their performance in class (fortunately there are no hangovers for students to deal with).

It’s quite easy to forget to schedule these after you’re asked to as there is so much going on at the same time, but try to remember to host at least one every single year. Make use of the ‘repeat every year’ option if you wish.

This is the same for other events around campus, like cook-offs and funny film screenings. Any of these activities will help with student morale and provide a healthier environment for them to work in.

8. Utilize loans

two point campus loans

Tip 8 is to utilize loans at the start of the game.

Money can be a bit tight when starting a campus, so if you find yourself running low, you can take out a loan by clicking on the icon in the bottom left menu.

This will allow you to build your campus up a lot more and increase your return on investment many times over. It shouldn’t take too long to pay back if you don’t take out too much and you’ll reap in the benefits later on.

You’ll have three options to go for, each varying in value.

I would highly recommend not taking out all three loans at once as you’ll end up with a negative cash balance and it’ll be very hard to get out of. You won’t be able to buy new items to increase room prestige and you won’t be able to host events to help with student morale, so it’s just a bad idea, trust me.

You should also avoid taking out the largest loan when new to a campus as the monthly repayments can be tricky to deal with.

9. Use the visualization tools

two point campus visualizations

There are some really useful options in the visualization menu, allowing you to see exactly where your campus is doing well and where it’s lagging behind.

You can filter by room prestige to see which rooms need items adding to them, or by attractiveness to see which rooms look awful, which helps you even out your campus and make it a brilliant place to be all round.

You can also see hygiene, healthiness and more – use these to find where you’re weak and purchase items accordingly.

Having such a useful tool is almost a cheat code as it means that you can never be caught slipping. Every room should be looking amazing with these tools so you have to be making use of them.

Also, a little bonus tip is to use the timetable button just to the left of this. If any of the squares are red it means you need a teacher, so have a look at what subject it is and get hiring.

10. Claim Kudosh from the career hub

two point campus career hub

Our final tip is to claim all of the Kudosh you’ve earned that hasn’t been automatically given to you.

In the top right of the screen you have a ‘Career Hub’ button. If you click this you can then claim a ton of Kudosh – I didn’t figure this out until the third campus and it’s fair to say I had a lot of it saved up.

If you do this you can buy extra items to increase room prestige and generally just make your campus a better place to learn.

I hope you’ve found these Two Point Campus tips helpful. If you want to know my detailed thoughts on the game, check out my Two Point Campus review!