When playing a simulation game, it is easy to get overwhelmed with fresh terms and new mechanics. In Two Point Campus, you will see all these, including a ton of objectives to track.

Once you encounter objectives like satisfying personal goals, you might be curious why it isn’t progressing.

In this short guide, we will discuss how to satisfy personal goals in Two Point Campus, what exactly these goals are, and their benefits for completion.

What Are Personal Goals?

Personal Goals Received

Personal goals are basically requests from staff members and students that you have the option to fulfill or reject. These requests can be found in your inbox in a form of a message.

These goals can be from students requesting specific items to be placed on the campus and staff members requesting the same things. They can be completely random. The goals are completely meant to satisfy the needs and wants of these students and staff members.

Benefits of Personal Goals

The benefits of finishing these personal goals are mainly based on the objectives of your game. Since you are playing to 3-star campuses, you need to finish each objective given and work your way up from a 1-star campus to a 3-star campus.

These personal goals can be all different, and you need to reach a specific number of personal goals accomplished during the whole academic year.

How to Achieve Personal Goals

To satisfy personal goals when you see them on your objectives, you must first receive personal goals or requests from random staff members and students.

By randomly progressing through an academic year, you will receive messages inside your inbox from these staff members and students.

Read these messages and see what they need. Most of these personal goals or requests require Kudosh to finish.

However, you can also encounter other requests like prestiging rooms or hosting events.

If you see any goals that require you to spend Kudosh, think about it first because they can be quite limited during the early years of your campus playthrough.

Once you decide to satisfy these goals by buying what they want or need, you need to place it on your campus.

Personal Goals Completed

The goal will not automatically be satisfied because the staff member or the student still needs to use what they requested before it gets credited to your objective.

When you look around your campus, you will notice a bullseye-looking icon on top of staff members and students. This means that they are using the item they requested and are satisfied with it.

At this point, it should already be credited towards your objective.

For event-related personal goals, you can easily finish them by scheduling an event from the events button on the specific room. You can also use the shortcut button when you read the mail.

You can focus on other objectives you have as well and work your way into earning more course points.

Does Personal Goals Carry Over to the Next Academic Year?

Yes. These personal goals carry over to the next academic year, but the objectives can be different.

If you did not finish the objective before the academic year, you would not be able to maintain the progress of the objective and get the reward.

Do not forget to expand your campus if possible before starting the next academic year.