We always want our students to graduate with flying colors as they complete their education. Of course, this will not be possible without skilled teachers who can provide quality education.

You might find less qualified staff members applying, but it is fine if you hire them because you can easily train them to be better and at a much more profitable salary rate for you.

In this guide, we will teach you how to train your staff in Two Point Campus, including the benefits you get from it and a few tips on management.

Benefits of Training Staff Members

Staff Training

The skill level of your staff is very important. For teachers, this can guarantee that students pass their subjects and graduate without any problems. Your overall student grade will go up, and you can reap the rewards from it.

For janitors and assistants, they will become better at what they are trained to do and become more efficient. Janitors trained in Mechanics will be able to upgrade items faster. Assistants with better Marketing skills will have more successful campaigns.

Firing Staff

Instead of firing old staff and hiring new ones, you have the option to train them to broaden their qualifications. The higher the qualification level, the higher the teaching skill percentage. 

You can also train these staff members to have other skills.

At the end of the year, you will also receive a Rising Staff award for training. It is a good and consistent way to get money as well as earn some Kudosh.

How to Train Staff Members

Train Staff Button

To start training your staff, you will first need a training room with a training pod. 

There are two ways to train your staff. One way to train your staff is by dragging them to the training room and clicking the “train staff” button on the specific person. Another way is by clicking on the ‘Start Training’ button on the training pod.

Both actions will prompt the staff training window to pop out. Here, you can choose either to learn a new skill or improve your current skill by upgrading its level. 

Staff Training Queue

You can queue all these training sessions on the training pod. You can select the training pod and select the training button.

A window will show up where you can see all your staff members who are available for training. Select each one of them and select a skill to train.

After selecting a skill, it will queue up on the staff training list. You can then start on every single staff member. It is possible to have every single staff member with a training session.

The problem is whether you have enough training pods to speed up the process. Each staff member will try to allocate time in their day to train in the training pod.

They will still prioritize their jobs, so some of them might take a while before they get their skills up.

Course Level Requirement Training

There will be times where you see the training button grayed out. If you read the requirements, you will see what you are lacking.

To train a staff member’s course skill knowledge or skill, you need to earn course points and upgrade that specific course. As the level of the skill gets higher, the cost will go higher as well.

Tips on Training and Staff Management

Don’t forget to upgrade your Training Pod

The first staff you will have to upgrade is a janitor. You will have to train this janitor in mechanics so that you can start upgrading items, with the training pod being one of them. 

You also have the option to hire a janitor that is trained in mechanics to skip this process. 

Upgrading your training pod will allow the quality of training to improve. This will also decrease the training duration, allowing you to be able to train more staff in one school year.

Take note that if you upgrade your training pod, training will be put on hold during the upgrade. If you want to be able to train continuously, make sure to build at least two training rooms. 

Have enough instructors or assistants 

Hiring Staff

You might notice that even though you schedule a staff member for training, training won’t always start immediately. This is because they are preoccupied with another task or assigned to a classroom or kiosk.

Training staff will make them unavailable for the duration of the training, which will take days. Make sure to have a substitute or replacement during this time period. 

Building multiple training rooms

If you have a large expanded campus, you can build multiple training rooms. Since your staff members will possibly go to each campus building, it might take a while before they can reach the training room.

For example, if you have a single training room in campus building 1, it will be inefficient for these staff members if they are far away.

Building multiple training rooms will help finish your training queues faster. If you have more than 50 staff members and each of them has a skill queued for training, you should definitely build more than one training room.

Have enough budget for training

Training staff can cost you. Initial training will just cost you a minimal fee. However, once you focus on upgrading the qualification level of a specific skill, the fee will rise gradually. Make sure that you have a budget allocated for training so that this won’t be a problem.

If you are having troubles maintaining a monthly profit, you might want to spend on ways you can make money first.