Like with developing relationships and increasing temperatures, improving hygiene levels is one of many objectives needed when playing Two Point Campus.

While it may seem like an easy task to do, it can be quite challenging, especially when you have over a hundred students, staff, and a lot of buildings to manage.

Here is everything you need to know about how to increase hygiene rating in Two Point Campus, including tips and tricks to improve your overall campus performance.

What is Hygiene Rating?

Campus Building Hygiene

Hygiene is rated based on cleanliness. This applies not only to your students and staff but also to the environment they’re in.

People and rooms are somewhat connected. The outcome of one affects the other. Therefore, it is important that both factors are considered when hygiene is being discussed.

Having a dirty environment can automatically make your students and staff unhappy, decreasing your campus’s hygiene rating.

Each room has its own hygiene level, as well as each campus building. You need to keep this as high as possible, and it affects your room’s prestige.

If you want to increase room prestige, you should take hygiene, decors, and thermal comfort into account when building rooms.

Benefits of a High Hygiene Level

Checking Staff Traits

The hygiene of your students and staff can affect their overall health and happiness, which are very important factors that contribute to the overall success of your campus.

The cleaner they are, the happier they will be. This way, students won’t have to stress about being unhygienic and can focus on other things such as their academics or entertainment.

Getting your room prestige is important, and hygiene is one of three factors involved, as previously mentioned.

Once you get objectives that require you to reach a certain prestige level on specific rooms, you need high hygienic levels.

You can also get objectives where you need to average a certain level of cleanliness rating on your campus.

Inspectors can also come and check on the overall cleanliness of your campus. If you pass, you can make a lot of money from it just by accepting it from the inbox.

Tips on Increasing Hygiene Rating

Put hand sanitizers in each room

Having a hand sanitizer in each room can increase its hygiene score. We recommend that you place the hand sanitizer beside the door so that it is easily accessible to the people entering and exiting the room.

Place trash bins all over the campus

Having a trash bin available allows students and staff members to dispose of their garbage themselves. This way, you don’t have to wait for a janitor to clean up the mess they make. Remember to also put trash bins near vending machines and food kiosks.

Hire staff based on how hygienic they are

Clean Staff Member Hiring

Before hiring a staff member, you can view their salary, skills as well as references. Always take note of what is indicated under references before employing your staff. Having a staff with excellent personal hygiene can contribute to the overall hygiene rating.

Not all staff members will be hygienic, but you can also avoid hiring the dirty ones. For students, you wouldn’t have much control over choosing their traits.

Hire more janitors

Squeaky Clean and Bin Blindness

Janitors help make your campus neat and tidy. Other than that, they also repair broken items such as toilets or worn-out beds.

Just like when hiring staff, you can also see if a janitor has poor hygiene. As much as possible, only hire janitors that are not considered “gross” or unhygienic.

Make sure to have enough janitors as you expand your campus and add more rooms.

Aside from that, you can also consider the movement speed of the janitor. Having an increase in movement speed will mean that the janitor can cover more ground as compared to others.

Consider the size of your shower rooms and restrooms

Restroom 1

The students staying in the dormitories will need to shower from time to time. When building your shower room, we recommend that you take into account its size, based on the number of dorm rooms you have per building.

The more students staying in the building, the larger your shower rooms should be. If you can fit a lot of shower rooms in a smaller room, you can do that, but your decorative score might suffer.

For restrooms, just place them on each plot you have. Size isn’t really an issue, but the bigger they are, the higher their prestige rating can be.

Build enough sinks

When you build your shower rooms and toilets, make sure to build enough sinks for your students and staff to wash their hands. The more they sanitize, the higher your hygiene rating will be.

Don’t forget the hand dryers

Oftentimes, we focus on building sinks that we don’t have enough space for the hand dryers. Make sure that each toilet and shower room has at least one hand dryer. We wouldn’t want them to wipe their wet hands elsewhere.