In Two Point Campus, you will encounter a currency called Course Points. These Course Points are easy to get at the start of the game but become harder and harder to get once you progress.

Before spending these hard-earned Course Points, you should first learn how to earn Course Points, their benefits, and what they are used for.

In this short guide, we will give you a full list of courses you can spend with your Course Points and find other ways of earning them as you play the game naturally.

What Are Course Points?

Course Points are your main tools or currency used to create new courses and improve on the existing ones. These courses allow you to improve the quality of your campus by offering more sophisticated courses for the students.

This also means that you will need to have better qualifications for your teachers to teach the course. Almost everything is intertwined in the game, and Course Points are just as essential as leveling your campus, upgrading your facilities, and even getting better research and upgrades.

How to Get Course Points

To get Course Points in Two Point Campus, you need to level up your Campus Level. As mentioned before, almost everything is connected, and as you play and progress, you will eventually get your upgrades and Course Points.

Keep upgrading your campus and make life as efficient as possible for the students attending and taking classes. You will gain more levels and get Course Points as you progress. Just make sure you are spending your Course Points wisely, which will talk more about later in this article.

Where to Use Course Points

Course Management

Course Points are used on the “Manage Courses” tab. You will be able to spend Course Points to either introduce new courses or upgrade existing ones. This allows you to have complete control over what your campus offers, and you can have a completely diverse curriculum if you choose.

There are a few strategies on how you can design your campus while taking your courses into account. Since upgrading your courses affects how your classes are built, upgrading specific courses will need some pre-planned work, or else your students might suffer.

Benefits of Upgrading Courses

The benefits of upgrading your courses are more than just adding a variety of options to increase the types or numbers of students entering your campus.

Upgrading courses also add more qualifications to your students and, in return, increases the requirements of running the course inside your campus. However, upgrading a course where you cannot sustain enough money to maintain it will put you in a bad situation.

You will not be able to satisfy the needs of the students to perform well in the class, and they will receive bad grades and become unhappy. Thinking about upgrading or introducing a new course is up to you, but make sure you are taking this into account.

Course List

CourseUnlockCost (Course Points)Duration (Years)
Academic ExerciseFluffborough303
ArchaeologyPebberley Ruins303
Countercultural StudiesN/A202
Dark ArtSpiffinmoore202
Funny BusinessPiazza Lanatra202
GastronomyPiazza Lanatra303
General KnowledgeMitton University101
Internet HistoryMitton University303
Knight SchoolNoblestead303
Money WanglingN/A202
MusicalityUpper Etching303
RoboticsMitton University303
ScientographyFreshleigh Meadows303
School of ThoughtUrban Bungle404
Spy SchoolBlundergrad303
Virtual NormalityFreshleigh Meadows303

The table above shows all the courses you can offer, the campuses you need to unlock, how many Course Points are needed, and how long you can teach them.

It all depends on what you want for your campus, and just factor in everything that was touched on in this article.

Tips on Course Management

Focus on one or two courses first

If you start offering more than one course, you will need to build multiple rooms to teach those courses. Since your hands are pretty tied when it comes to money after starting a new campus, you should focus on making money by focusing on one specific course.

Maximize room prestige first

Increasing your room prestige has a ton of benefits. The classes you offer will be more attractive, and students will have a better learning experience. If you are offering a variety of courses, make sure to keep each room well-decorated.

Check the timetable or schedule

When you check the timetable or schedule, you will see the number of classes you are offering and their specific time schedule.

On some occasions, you will see some red icons on the time slots. This means you are lacking a teacher to fill up that available class schedule. Upgrading courses will require you to build more rooms.

These rooms need to have a teacher, so you need to increase your staff members to maximize each course available.

Increasing tuition fees isn’t always profitable

While you may get more money out of students in tuition fees, you are losing the number of students enrolling when you increase your course’s tuition fee.

When you lose students, you are losing rental income and other miscellaneous fees. Your students will be less happy as well.

If you calculate everything, you should still have an increase in profits when you increase tuition fees, but it isn’t as big as you might think.