You might have noticed a few staff members or students with a temperature icon on top of their heads.

In this case, you are probably playing on a campus where the weather is cold, and you have to take this into account when building your campus.

We will show you how to increase the temperature in Two Point Campus, check your temperature levels, and keep your thermal comfort as high as possible.

What is Thermal Comfort?

Thermal Comfort

If you were paying attention to increasing your room’s prestige, you would see three bars you need to maximize. These are your decorative levels, hygienic levels, and thermal comfort levels.

For thermal comfort, students and staff members would want an average temperature level. Not too cold and not too hot.

Every single tile inside a room will be considered towards the comfort levels. If a corner in your room is a bit cold, you will not get a good thermal comfort score for the room.

How to Increase Thermal Comfort

The way to increase your thermal comfort levels is to improve the temperature levels inside a room.

The strategy is completely dependent on the size of the room. For smaller rooms and perfectly square rooms, it should be a lot easier to maintain the right temperature levels.

The first thing you should do is to earn Kudosh and unlock the small and large radiators.

Here are two samples of how the radiators heat up an area.

Small Radiator

Small Radiator Heat

Large Radiator

Large Radiator Heat

Based on the images above, you can see that the difference is quite small.

The Small Radiator heats up a 3×3 area while slightly losing heat on the other tiles.

The Large Radiator heats up a 4×4 area, but the four corners of the square are quite weak already.

Even though most of the areas are still heated up, we would want the perfect thermal comfort levels.

Tips on Heating up Rooms

For small rooms that are 3×3, 3×4, and 4×3, you can use a single Small Radiator in the middle to heat things up.

It doesn’t look nice or natural as radiators are usually seen next to walls. However, it is a video game, after all.

For 4×4 rooms, a single Large Radiator would do in the middle.

4 Radiator Room Strat

For larger rooms, you can place four Small Radiators in each corner of the room.

You cannot place radiators close to each other because they will make the area between them too hot, which drastically reduces your thermal comfort levels.

If the room is around 8×8, you can use four Large Radiators in each corner instead.

Obviously, there are some cases where you really want an extremely big room. For anything bigger than an 8×8 room, you can slightly adjust each radiator on the corner and pull them towards the center until everything heats up.

All the tips mentioned here should already get you covered for any 3×3 rooms up to 12×12 rooms. The thermal comfort levels might not be perfect, but you only need to hover above 90% to make things… prestige.

The difference between 95% and 100% is minimal, so do not pay much attention to it.

Heating the Exterior

For the outside, you might have some park benches with food stands outside. Students and staff members will still stay outside even if it is cold, but you will need to fix this problem eventually.

Luckily, you can also unlock the Fire Pit with Kudosh. The Fire Pit will heat your park in an 8×8 dimension.

Place Fire Pits around the campus, and your overall score should also go up. Since your exterior also has a prestige level of its own, heating up the outside will help you gain more awards and even increase the happiness of everyone on the campus.

How to Check Temperature Levels

There are two ways to check temperature levels.

First, you can select each individual room and hover over a radiator. By pressing a radiator or even a fire pit, your visualization will change, and you can see which areas are cold, hot, or normal.

Temperature Visualization

Another way to check is by selecting the visualization button on the lower-left panel. Select the temperature icon, and it should show all the temperature levels on your screen.