In the real world, money makes the world go round. In Two Point Campus, it is basically the same, and it is one of the most essential currencies to play the game.

Making money in Two Point Campus is simple. The game calculates all your income and expenses and gives you the net profit or deducts the net loss to your money at the end of each month.

When you get a net profit, you might feel excited and expand your campus or decorate more to get a higher room prestige, and that money might not be enough to satisfy you.

There will be other times when you get a net loss. You will think to yourself – how did that happen if you barely changed a thing on your campus?

In this guide, we will show you how money works and how to make money fast in Two Point Campus.

You will be surprised at how simple making money is in the game. All you need to do is learn a few tricks because there aren’t really any detailed breakdowns in the game when it comes to money.

How to Get a Net Profit Every Month

Monthly Income

Once you start a game, you will have little money to work with in building a campus. You start offering a course and build the required rooms to function.

You want to start making a decent profit every month or year, so you can expand rapidly and freely decorate the campus without thinking about the costs.

In time, you will get there eventually, but you have to think about these basic Two Point Campus tips to get started.

Dormitories earn money

Dormitories might take up a lot of space, but they give you a big chunk of profit as rent income. There isn’t really a way to tell how many students would go for a dormitory, but placing a few dormitory rooms will directly increase your profits.

Tuition fees

Course Management

Tuition fees will be a complicated topic to calculate. On the course management page, you can adjust the tuition fees to earn more money. As you increase the tuition fees, students will be unhappier, and there will be fewer students enrolling as well.

However, losing a few students and having a decent number of them pay the higher tuition fee will still earn you more money, but it is not as significant as you might think. Here are a few downsides to why it isn’t a big difference.

If you lower tuition fees, you have more students. Getting more students will increase your rental income and miscellaneous income. Accepting more students also means you need to hire more staff members like teachers, which is an added expense.

Happiness matters indirectly to your income as well. If you are going to increase your tuition fees, make sure you can keep everyone happy on your campus.

The student’s and the staff member’s traits also matter a little. If you have people who are constantly hungry, they will eat a lot. We will talk about this in the next tip.

Food stands, entertainment machines, and vending machines

Once you unlock all these items and place them on campus, you will see people pay money as they interact with them. The money doesn’t go directly to you as it happens, but it will be counted towards the end of the month’s profit/loss reports.

Some food stands give way more money, like the Ramen stand or the Hotdog stand. However, having a variety is more aesthetically pleasing.

Entertainment machines are a bit expensive, and they don’t give that much money too. The same with vending machines.

However, these machines only need maintenance every now and then. Food stands require you to hire assistants to sell the products, which is an added expense as well.

Do not worry. It should still be profitable even when you hire an extra assistant.

XP bonus

XP bonus is a consistent money bonus you get every month from playing an academic year. With a bigger campus and a higher campus level, you will get more and more profit from just the XP bonus.

As long as there are a lot of things happening on your campus, it will all progress towards your level. At the end of the month, you will get your income followed by the expenses, and then the XP bonus gets added.

Occasionally, you will find yourself at a net loss, but the XP bonus saves you from incurring a net loss for the month. XP bonus is one of the most underrated ways to get money, and you do not even have to think about it much.

Objectives and challenges

As you continue playing your game, you will eventually see objectives and challenges you need to complete in your inbox first. You will see the rewards and complete them as they come.

It is a nice way to get a consistent amount of money while combining all the other tips or methods on this list.

Promotions and inspections

In your inbox messages, you will also see promotions where someone wants to promote something on your campus. If you accept, you will see them hang around your campus.

At the end of the promotion, they will reward you with money and also earn some Kudosh as well. The rewards can change depending on the success of their promotion.

You can also receive inspection visit messages in your inbox. They will check around the campus and inspect what is agreed on the message.

These inspections need to be passed to reap the rewards.

End of the year awards

Queen of Clubs Award

End-of-the-year awards are always good. The question lies in whether you can get them or not.

The campus of the year, King of Hearts, Queen of Clubs, Rising Staff, Academic Excellence, and a lot more awards can all be achieved every year simultaneously.

Each award gets you 10 Kudosh and $5,000. Imagine getting at least eight awards every year. You are getting 80 Kudosh and $40,000 every single year.

How to Check Your Profits or Income

Annual Profits

By hovering over your money on the lower-right portion of the screen, you will see a small breakdown of your monthly income.

If you haven’t started the academic year, it will show the breakdown of your projected annual income instead.

Income Overview

Another method is to select the campus management button. Check your campus overview and go to the finance tabs. You will see your current profits and check where they are coming from.

Adjusting Salaries

Salary Sliders

On the same campus overview window, you can move over to the policies tab and adjust salaries for your staff members.

The default salaries are decent already. All of these salaries are based on the skill levels you hired these staff members.

For example, by hiring a staff member with a level 5 skill level on a specific course, the salary will be around $54,000. Adjusting the salary sliders will lower your current offer when potential staff members apply.

Under the policies window, you can also see that your staff members get an annual increase in their salaries. You can adjust all these, including the threshold for staff members on when they take breaks.

The negatives here are the happiness of your staff members and their overall quality. Once you start offering lower rates, the quality of your teachers goes down, and your student’s grades might suffer.

How to Get Loans


The easiest way to get a sudden burst in money is by accepting a loan from the bank. On the lower-left panel, select the campus management button. Select the loans button after, and it will open up three banks offering three different loans.

Here are the types of loans available

(p.a. means per annum or annually)

  • Two Point Bank – $50,000 @ 5% p.a. – $2,194 per month for 24 months
  • Swindles – $100,000 @ 10% p.a. – $4,615 per month for 24 months
  • Smell My Cash – $250,000 @ 15% p.a. – $8,667 per month for 36 months

All these loans are useful, but it is best to choose what fits your needs.

Use can use the slider on the bottom of the banks, and you can adjust the money you need. The interest rates are still the same even if you lower the sliders.

You can repay the balance any time you want as long as you have the money.

What Happens When You Go Bankrupt?

Max Budget Bankruptcy

If you end up losing a lot of money, operating at a loss, owing a ton of money to banks, no more loans available, and a dying campus, you will go bankrupt.

You are basically playing the game, unable to spend a single dime. There is no fun in that.

If you end up in this situation, it might take a while to fix the situation, and you might want to start a new game and follow all the information you learned here, including the tips we are going to run through.

Once you are in debt for over $300,000, you will have to restart as your campus will be shut down.

Earn Money Fast Strategy

Finance Overview

At the start of a playthrough, take the first two loans available (exclude the big one).

Purchase another plot right at the start.

Choose the course you want to offer and build all the required rooms. Try to lower the tuition fee a little, so you get a little more students. Increase it after a year or two.

When building rooms, follow our room prestige guide to increase your overall score for awards and happiness.

Set up a dormitory, restroom, and shower room on each plot. This is to build up your rental income.

Set up food stands outside, preferably the hotdog, ramen, and any other food stand. Add benches and tables outside. This will help develop relationships and start romances with students for another yearly award.

Hiring Staff Members

Hire the best staff you can hire at the start, including the assistants for your food stands. They won’t be as high anyway.

Build a Training Room right away. Start training staff consistently, and it should cost you some money as well. This will give you another yearly award.

Build a Library, a Staff Room, and a Student’s Union area at the start.

Use the minimum room size for the Lecture Hall and try to get the prestige room up to 3.

You should have some space for two or three more rooms. Do all these before even starting the academic year.

This is more of a speedrun in earning your money fast at the start of the game. Keep your students and staff members happy and try to recuperate all the money you have spent and pay off the first two loans.

Your income will be minimal at the start, but you should increase your level extremely fast.

You will get a jump on your XP bonus profits. Objectives, challenges, inspections, and promotions should easily be achieved as long as your whole campus is decorated.

Big Campus

Aim for a high prestige level in each room when building them. This is why we took the early loans.

Progress through the academic year with flying colors. You should be able to pay the loans before the year ends.

All awards you will get at the end of the academic year will give you a lot of money before starting the next academic year.

Use that money to expand again. Gain as many course points as you can and upgrade your existing course offering instead of offering a new one.

Adjust your tuition a little higher and make the required rooms you need. Continue playing and expanding. Just make sure you are investing properly. Your profits should catapult you to year 3-4 profits for the second year alone.