Increasing room prestige is a bit confusing and sometimes difficult because of the space restrictions.

There are a ton of perks and rewards on the line, so it is worth the trouble.

In fact, the whole thing is easy as long as you know the mechanics of how to increase room prestige in Two Point Campus.

Here is everything you need to know about room prestige, the benefits you get from it, and simple tricks to help you create the best-looking campus on the scene.

What is Room Prestige?

You can treat room prestige as a “creative” score for your room.

Almost every object added to a room will be counted towards the room’s prestige level. However, it is another thing to calculate how everything is added up.

The room’s prestige is a combination of the decorative score, hygienic score, and room temperature score. Maximizing everything will increase your room’s prestige, but we will talk more about it later in the guide.

Getting your room prestige as high as you can gives the players the enjoyment of decorating every inch of the plot and getting rewarded for their efforts.

As a useful tip to check room prestige, you can press the “eye” button on the lower-left panel and find the prestige button. This will show the prestige level of each room on your screen.

Benefits of Increasing Room Prestige

Room Prestige Overview

The benefits of increasing room prestige are essential to a successful campus.

With a higher room prestige, your students and staff members will feel happier because the room is clean, hospitable, and visually pleasing.

Since it affects practically everyone on the campus, it is incredibly important to increase your room’s prestige also to increase the overall happiness on the campus.

Other benefits include rewards from finishing objectives related to attaining a high room prestige score on a particular room.

It would be best if you also remember that a whole building or plot also has its own prestige level.

Awards can also be received for having the most decorative campus with a high average room prestige score.

Tips for Increasing Room Prestige

Here are some of my favorite Two Point Campus tips when it comes to boosting your room prestige.

Do not use the same decoration multiple times

Using a specific decoration multiple times diminishes the increase in your room’s prestige score. If you do not have a lot of unlocked objects, you can use some decorations twice, but it will be a little inefficient with your space.

Room size matters

When you are creating rooms, you need to plan out how big you want the room to be. Having a bigger room size will increase the maximum room prestige score you can get.

If you are creating tiny rooms, you will eventually end up with 3 to 5 room prestige scores. However, it can be efficient if you are strapped for money.

Use Kudosh wisely

Kudosh is used to unlock new objects for purchase. There are hundreds of decorative items in the game, so you would need to be wise when you spend your Kudosh.

Getting Kudosh can be easy, but it will still take a while before you get to unlock most of the objects. Buy a bunch of cheap posters and use a combination of these posters in every room to increase your room’s prestige.

Plants are space-saving decorations

Room Prestige Creating Room

When you start having rooms where you need a ton of objects inside, plants can be squeezed in-between objects because they only take up a tiny tile in the room.

This can be useful for increasing room prestige, especially in tight Lecture rooms.

Do not forget to decorate your exterior

Since your campus has its own prestige score, you can increase your average prestige score by also decorating your exterior.

The space is enormous, and most of the things you can place outside are purely decorative. You can even expand your campus and add even more decorations.

Place hand sanitizers in each room

A single hand sanitizer can already max out your hygienic score in every room. It only takes up a single tile on a wall, and it is also extremely cheap.

Add a few trash bins

Trash bins allow hygienic staff members and students to throw their own garbage. It also helps the janitor clean up faster around the campus.

Remember to have at least three trash bins in every plot to keep the surroundings neat.

Do not forget to add janitors with each expansion

Since you are often expanding, you will need to increase your staff members as well. Janitors are often overlooked because there aren’t really that many notifications to remind you that you are lacking manpower for cleanliness.

Learn when to use small radiators and large radiators

Radiator Two Point Campus

Since temperature is also a factor in room prestige, you need to keep track of the room’s temperature on specific maps.

For example, at Mitton University, the weather is quite cold, and the staff members and students will be suffering from it unless you put radiators around the campus.

In rooms that are 6×6 or more, you can use two small radiators on each corner of the room. For rooms under 6×6, you can use one large radiator to heat up the whole room.

The only exception is the minimum-sized Lecture rooms and Restrooms. You can use a single small radiator for these or anything 4×3 (3×4) rooms and below.

Wall-mounted air conditioners are a must-have

When the weather is hot, you will need to cool your rooms to increase your thermal comfort. The wall-mounted air conditioners will save you some space, and they cool a much bigger part of the room as well.

However, some rooms might need those wall spaces for decors and other big items that cover up the wall. You can adjust, but unlocking the wall-mounted air conditioners with Kudosh is still a priority.

Add fire pits outside

Heating Two Point Campus

Fire pits are the ones that can heat up the outside. Even if your students or staff members only go outside to walk from one plot to another, you still need to warm things up outside.